Getting Used To a Wig / Dealing With Wind

Discussion in 'Wigs and Toppers' started by valentine, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. valentine

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    Hi everyone,
    OK ,I have a new wig and I love how it looks but am having a hard time getting use to how it feels . the neck part feels to long and can get pretty irritating sometimes. also how you all deal with the wind , I hate it , we had 25-30mph the last 3days :(
  2. Angela

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    Hi Hon,
    Are there straps to adjust the back of the wig? Sometimes adjusting the straps for a more snug fit can help that irritation in the back and help during windy days as well.
    How are you securing it?
  3. valentine

    valentine New Member

    thanks , I have 4 little clips that I put in it so it dosent move . Just getting use to something on my head is hard . I never wore hats or anything for that matter:(
  4. happytobeme

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    I can relate

    Hi Valentine!
    I can completely emphathize. This is week 2 for me wearing a wig and it has been very hard for me to get used to wearing something on my head. I can't wait to get home and rip the wig off. :)
  5. valentine

    valentine New Member

    I know what you mean , my biggest problem is with the back bottom by my neck . I can't stand it after just a few hrs. wish I could cut half of the back off and not loose any hair.:( would feel a lot better.
  6. happytobeme

    happytobeme New Member

    Have you tried a cap?

    Yes! The back bottom is my itchiest ( is that a word?) too! I have found that wearing a wig cap ( nylon material) helps a little bit. I like it because it gives me more confidence that my wig won't fall off. Before when I sneezed with my wig on, I felt like it shifted. With the cap, it's better.
  7. happytobeme

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    Not sure if i posted this in the right section.

    Question for other wig wearers: I shaved my head about 2 weeks ago now. I didn't shave it shiny bald, but very, very short ( essetially bald) I found my head is really breaking out. Any suggestions? The wig is not helping the comfort level- not sure if its because of the wig ( my head is not used to something being on it all the time)? Or because some hair is growing in?
  8. valentine

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  9. divinem

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    Oh, Goodness. I just thought of something as I was reading through these posts. I live in Nebraska where we are subject to prairie winds. We frequently have wind advisories in upwards of 40-50 mph. One gust, and I can kiss that puppy goodbye! ROFLMAO!! OMG!! I would absolutely shit a brick if that happened to me! FLOOM! {Bye-bye, wig!}

    I'm sorry to hear about all the irritation you're experiencing. I've not gone the wig route yet but am interested and am educating myself, so thank you for sharing your experience.

    Is it any better now?
  10. missmyhair09

    missmyhair09 New Member

    wondering if anyone will read this but my wig hurts - i love the style but its a cheap one does spending more money = comfort? i can shell out a few bucks but not thousands right now. i saw a really cute raquel welch for $600 but what if it is bothersome as well? i hope someone sees this!
  11. Angela

    Angela Moderator

    I had a very expensive wig, and it STILL was very uncomfortable. I get an irritated scalp that hurts (not too bad) when I'm losing my hair. Sometimes it was unbearable to wear the wig. I only had the one wig though, so I'm not sure if the comfort level would have increased with a different or better wig. I've spoken to a lot of women that feel their wigs were uncomfortable...and others that love them and have no problems.
  12. julieanniam

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    Holy cow divinem, I had to LOL when I read your post, I live on the high plains of eastern Colorado and we have winds like that as well, I wonder if they sell industrial strength clips? I could just see the thing lifting off my head, a little light showing through underneath, kind of like a close fitting parachute? ROFLMAO!!!!
    To missmyhair09, I've got 5 wigs now (and one's on the way) and the most I have spent so far on one wig was $191.00, I am sure spending more money might get you a more realistic looking wig or softer hair but and have some pretty good deals. I have not yet had any issies with comfort as of yet but I do want to get the thing off my head once I am in the house. Went to play pool the other night in town and the place was warm, I talked my daughter into wearing one with me, she is 21 and has no hair issues yet, but she did like the long blonde wig I bought so she wore it. She met a cute guy who asked her on a date and she had to wear the wig all day yesterday...... and he took her hiking....omg poor thing, she came in looking like a drown rat!!! I am not sure how she is going to get out of this, either tell him the truth or tell him she cut and dyed her hair, anyway the place was warm and the wig didn't really bother me too much, we'll see what happens next summer. Goodluck!
  13. jenfromdenver

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    i have become addicted to for the reviews. its nice to hear from someone who has actually worn the style you're looking at. I've been looking into raquel welch's lace front wigs, which are not terribly expensive. has videos of them which go over the cap construction. the raquel wigs have something called a "memory cap" which is supposed to be more comfortable on your head. they get good reviews at as well, it might be worth looking into.