Going to Flora in LA - where else?

Discussion in 'Wigs and Toppers' started by bayareagirl, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. bayareagirl

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    My hair has been getting thinner for years and I'm fed up with how it looks. I still have some but it's baby fine and I can do nothing with it.

    Sooo, I plucked up the courage and booked flights to visit Flora in LA (I'm in San Francisco).

    Is there anywhere else great that you would recommend in LA? Looking for good human hair toppers.

    Oh, and any tips for my visit? I'm taking my husband.

    Thanks so much. This is a great site but sorry we are all here!
  2. poissonrouge

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    I'm in San Francisco too. Just curious, what places in the Bay Area did you visit before deciding to go to LA?

    Follea is one of the more popular wig/topper companies, and Peggy Knight is a local rep in Sausalito. I met with her last year. She was really nice, but I just wasn't ready to pay that much for my first topper-- more than $2K. If you're in LA, Follea also has a salon in Beverly Hills.


    Hope your Flora appointment goes well. Would be interested in learning how that experience was also!
  3. bayareagirl

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    Thanks for the info. I did go to Follea, Milano & Flora in LA. If you join the network connected to this site, I wrote a blog summary of my visit over there.

    I haven't been anywhere in the Bay Area but do have an appointment lined up with Kelli Simmons from Face to Face in SF to cut in an easipart.

    Thanks for the info about Peggy Knight in Sausalito. I was aware she was the rep but good to hear positive feedback.
  4. poissonrouge

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    Look forward to reading your blog. I just requested an invite code to the network.

    I have an appointment scheduled with David Lassman at the Joseph Cozza Salon to cut my topper. It'll be my first time seeing him.
  5. bayareagirl

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    Hi poissonrouge (great name!)

    I keep hearing good things about David Lassman in SF. May I ask what topper you got?

    When you get on the network, do look out for Northern California groups and Bay area locals too if you are interested. Where are you in the bay area? I'm in Oakland - there are many bay area ladies on the network.

    So, in the meantime, here's a copy and paste of the blog I wrote in Feb after my LA trip. Since then I have purchased an easipart online to experiment with and am also waiting for a Milano topper.


    So yesterday I went to LA with my husband to get my hands on some toppers and test a few out. Now I know why they say this is trial and error - I guess I was hoping for a one hit result but of course, you all know this is trickier than it seems.
    To get this out of my head and maybe help others too here's a summary:
    Follea: Tried 2 toppers - one with lace cap and one with something else (!) scalp like. I so wanted the scalp like one to work best but it just didn't seem to lie right on my head. 8" with layers already cut in worked REALLY well with my hairstyle. The topper color was a bit warmer blonde blend but I think it worked pretty well. The only thing I wasn't too happy with was the part and how it would work with my current eyebrow length bangs at the front. It's a hard leap to imagine it all working out at the front which is pretty important. Vicka was terrific & knowledgable, service fantastic nice private kind of setting.
    Flora: I'm betting this is a pretty different kind of store set up to the NJ place. Toppers on hand were minimal - one brunette one. So it was really a lot to imagine this piece a different color, length and style! However, hair quality excellent, density excellent, part really good. I think working with Flora in person would be a better experience. The LA place is a store where anyone can walk in and it just didn't feel quite as comfortable/private.
    Milano: Quite a number of toppers on hand, lots of wigs out available to try. Hard to find the right blonde - didn't have a huge supply on hand. Hair was good, but not quite a good texture match as the Follea for me. Toppers are pretty light density, flatish on top (good for me). Part not very visible - funny that this is a problem in a topper since it looks a little more natural to have some kind of part (not just as much as my own hair has!) Much cheaper than above 2 brands. Nice private setting.
    My head is spinning about what to do. The Follea seemed more ready to go. The tricky thing with toppers is there's so much to match up with your bio hair. I think I am going to talk to Flora about how they work with long distance customers. I just don't want to spend a fortune on something I haven't seen then have it not work out. What to do?
  6. poissonrouge

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    Thanks for the copy/paste of your blog post. Great info! Once I join the network, I will be sure to look for the local groups you suggested. I'm in San Francisco.

    I purchased my topper from Caren at Hair Solutions in Sausalito. Peggy referred me to her, since I wasn't ready to invest in a Follea topper. Caren offers much cheaper options, made of real Indian hair instead of European hair. My topper was made to order (4-6 weeks delivery) and I had it customized to include some gray strands. The texture matches my own hair very well, but sadly the color is slightly more red than my bio hair. The hair part is also too dense and unrealistic. I am hoping David will be able to help with some of these issues. I've read on a couple other blogs that applying foundation along the topper part will help, but I haven't tested it out yet.
  7. ClutzyGrace

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    Hi poissonrouge....Kind of an old post, are you still around? Did you have luck with the Joseph Cozza salon? I'm trying like crazy to get my toppers to look good and haven't had a lot of luck.
  8. poissonrouge

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    Hi ClutzyGrace,

    I've seen David at the Joseph Cozza salon twice now. He's done a pretty good job cutting & shaping my topper to blend in with my bio hair. I recommend him. It's likely you can get a free consultation first beforehand to make sure he can meet your needs.
  9. ClutzyGrace

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    Thank you for the info! I finally found somebody not too far from Sacramento area who did a pretty nice job considering what she had to work with. (A really long topper that had been hacked away at by somebody who tried, but had no experience.) I'm still interested in a Follea but I had zero luck with their local rep who was interested in making a quick sale, not in being helpful. I'm pretty ticked off right now in fact - she basically lied to me to get me to drive two hours to her "studio". Low tolerance for sales people who operate that way. My advice to others if at all possible, go directly to Follea and meet with Vicka.