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    I am having a serious case of hair fall problem. I am 25 and I have slightly wavy hair. I admit that I have not done much to take care of my hair. I shampoo my hair twice a week and other than that I haven’t done anything on my hair. Recently I have noticed that the rate of my hair fall is very high. I don’t understand what can be the reason for this. This has not happened before and I do not suffer from any sort of ailments. I stay at Toronto and I would like to know the options for a hair loss treatment around here. I am very nervous and confused about this. Hope someone here will be able to help me out.
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    Hair loss can be triggered due to many reasons. It can be due to lack of proteins, constant travel, hypertension, reactions to certain hair products, hereditary reasons etc etc. I think you have a good decision by deciding to go to a doctor. The Seager Medical Group in Toronto area is a good place to go for hair loss treatments. They have many hair specialists there who will be able to help you. So don't worry about your hair loss, worrying can result in more hair loss and stay positive.
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    Hair loss can be controlled by many ways. By taking proper diet, and proper hair care you can control hair loss. One research say that alternating shampoo is a great way to get healthy hair.
    Or you can take help from some specialists like Canadianhair professionals which I know in Toronto and will definitely help , I guess.
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    I only recommend Medispa Hair Transplant Center for best treatment in reasonable cost.Medispa had two branches in India one is in Jaipur(Rajasthan) which is base branch and second is in Delhi. Behalf of my personal experience I suggest you for Medispa Hair Transplant Centers.Before a year back I also lost my hair my scalp were visible an U shape baldness occurred on my head. I feel very bad when I went any function or any photo shoot.My baldness is history now. I feel very enthusiastic I really feel something new in me.
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    Well, stress is a major cause of hair loss. It can be controlled by many ways like eliminate whatever is stressing you and use only natural shampoo. Try to find good treatment from any theripist. Take some protein from natural sources such as milk. You also think about once hair extension because it is a good way to enhance your hair.
    I hope you get your hair back soon.......!!!!!!!