good info on ferritin and hair loss

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    Good information, thanks!
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    Great information. Thanks :)
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    Vitamin C connected to good iron absorption

    I am not exactly sure how it works but no one had mentioned it so I thought I would. Did you know that a good intake of vitamin C in the diet is interlinked with an improved uptake of iron in the body. It is worth bearing in mind in terms of either taking vitamin supplements to improve the uptake of iron, or improving the diet to include good natural sources of vitamin C which actually will also improve skin and hair quality anyway as lack of it is connected to 'scurvy' historically, but read up about it, it's true. Good natural sources are citrus fruits; tomatoes are an excellent super food; and green leafy veg are a good source of both iron and vit. C together (the synergistic effects of whole natural foods etc, etc). Just a tip for iron deficient sufferers. Oh, I believe cereals of all descriptions are a good source of fortified iron too.
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    Hi Hopelesslola !
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