Greasy hair, skin and burning scalp?

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    Anyone have this? I've been losing my hair for 1 1/2 years. Originally I was diagnosed with TE, but it is looking like it is more AGA. Anyway....Over the last few months I've had more scalp burning sensations and my hair is greasy when it never has been before. It's to the point where my hair actually feels gross on my neck (it's shoulder length) and it makes my neck and upper back skin feel almost damp and irritated. My hair doesn't look very greasy to the eye, but is sure feels greasy at the scalp. It makes a strange sensation on my skin where it feels almost wet and cold but it isn't actually wet and cold when I touch it. Is this making any sense at all?! LOL! I feel like I should see a shrink. It's the most uncomfortable feeling ever!! I feel like I"m losing my mind.
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    YES, YES, YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, somebody else that has the same thing as me. I thought i was the ONLY one going through this.

    I've been losing hair for 2 years because of a thyroid problem. All of a sudden, my hair became so oily ( even right after i wash it ), and it feels really weird ( i get the same wet, cold feeling ), with a weird sensation on my scalp. When my hair is dry, it still feels wet by my scalp sometimes. I hate it when my hair rubs against my neck. I almost want to cut it all off because it's driving me crazy. You're right, it's very uncomfortable, and it's a constant reminder of my hair loss.

    Not that i'm glad that you are going through this, but i'm glad i'm not the only one, because you actually do start to think your nuts. My face has become more oily also ( use to have dry skin ). I don't really understand why this has happened, but i wish it would go away. It upsets me every day !!!!!!!!!
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    Yay! Not that I'm glad you know this feeling too, but for the fact that at least I don't feel as completely crazy now! UGH! It's so bizarre and just so uncomfortable. I totally know the feeling of wanting to just buzz it off so I don't feel this anymore.
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    Me to. I have burning scalp, parestesias (tingling and itching) and it is greasy without the actual hair looking greasy.

    I have solved the most of it (not the hair loss though...).

    I use only VERY gentle shampoos, which means I have to make it myself. I comb VERY gentle, I do not massage (but VERY gentle).

    I think the mild shampoo solved the greasiness.

    But I also got non-sedative antihistamines that seams to help a bit. Burning scalp that burns more after combing or itching, is a sign of histamine problem.

    Trying lot of products, can stress my scalp to burn and itch more, so I stopped testing stuff on my scalp. No herbs, no anti dandruff stuff, no minox (that I never have tried), no vigorous brushing or such.

    What I still have, and is VERY torturing reminder, is that I can feel a parestesia phenomena or needle stab feeling when a hair is shedding. Always when I touch a place with that feeling, I get at least one hair. Not in other places.

    This is like "Chinese torture" and makes me lose my mind.

    Only good thing for now, is that the burning is gone, and the greasiness.
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    heat some mixture of curry leaves and oil,when curry leaves turn dark black remove heating and cool down it.then massage these mild oil with your head and leave it overnight.this will help you to keep your hair strong and soft,shiny.this oil is a good stimulation which helps in hair growth.
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    For me, every herb or EO will start the burning and itching reaction.

    I used many Indian herbs right before I got problems (for treatments, in oils, for hennaing, for washing). So for me, I think herbs has promotoed sensitivity or even allergy.

    In my case, the only thing that helped, was very gentle treating, very mild shampoos, clean scalp (from a bit more frekvent washing with very mild shampoos).
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    Me Too!

    I hate that you are going through this, I just came on this part of our Women's hair problems site. I'm sitting here right now, while writing this and my scalp actually hurts, tingles and burns. It started this morning and is still going on. Not even sure why? I've lost so much hair this past 6 months. It was already thin, but got 50% thinner after having a topped glued on.

    I haven't used any thing on my scalp at all to correct the problem. I want to keep it fresh until a doctor can tell me why I hardly have any hair, not from shedding, just not having hardly any hair in each cuticle. Then their is to much space between what I do have.

    I wish I had some answers to why my scalp feels this way, I might need to take a antistamine, just scared to mix it with my back pain medication.
  8. Destroyed

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    I think you can use antihistamine, the non-sedating ones. The old sedating ones goes into brain and causes tiredness and so on. These old ones also have a lot more side effects that sounds not so fun. The non-sedating ones do not have that heavy list of scary side effects.

    I really would like answers too. I do not get any. I do not know why I lose hair and I do not know what to do. Doctors seams to not know anything at all. Hope they are A LOT better when getting heart problems or something else... What the doctors knows the least, is how hair loss is affecting a women. And how their behavior towards these women makes them hurt even more.
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    I guess it would be okay to take the antihistamine like you mentioned, for some reason it hasn't hurt as bad today. It hurt some yesterday, but not near as bad as the day I wrote about it.

    I haven't started the doctor routine yet, see the GYN this week and don't know what test he is going to want to run. He's a nice doctor, wish I could find a Endro doctor like him. I really feel that it's hormone, thyroid or something in the system, like even adrenals not working, so that I can get to a more basic reason. I hope they don't tell me that it's just Alopecia and to live with it.

    It is way beyond thin. All of my scalp shows, by at least 80%. It is so depressing, that I can hardly bear to look at it. I hope next week is better for me.

    Hang in also!
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    I really hope you will get an answer to your hair loss, and an answer that there is a med for (or something).

    I can't find a doctor, even not if I pay myself, that can help me. My hair still looks pretty normal, I had three times as thick as a normal Scandinavian. My thinning is mostly my corners/temples but I also lost a bit from my crown. But it was so very very thick there before, so it looks rather normal still.

    But if I do not stop shedding, it will not be fun.

    I have a hard time looking at my corners. It is for sure a very awful, devastating and hard thing to get through, hair loss.

    Back to scalp burn topic: I have most scalp burning right after wash. Especially if I use harsher shampoos. Some baby shampoos has worked fine, and has my own home made. No SLS (sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate) for me it's too harsh.

    Also skin friendly pH is like pure acid to me, I must have pH above 5, not "skin friendly" 3,5-4,5.
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    Thanks for the response, I have also heard that baby shampoo is good for you also. My head pain has settled down right now, don't know why, but am not complaining. I will start the process of my Doctors tomorrow. I hate to even begin and I am sorry that you have had such a problem. I'm not expecting it to be much better here. I have heard that with your hair being thin or sensitive that you should only use a shampoo that is all about cleansing, not actually with harsh shampoo's that lather up. I know from the hair dresser, that does a lot of cancer patients, she told me that to use shampoo that is sulfate free. I think that can be very important.

    My scalp is so think, that even the shower spray hitting on it, hurts! I know how you feel about looking into the mirror. Mine has been steadily getting more thin, but this past six months wearing a topper that totally covered my hair, I believe caused it be thin 50% more. I can't verify this by anyone so far, but it's a fact. My topper, that was glued on, covered all my hair, had a thick base and a lot of thick hair. It seems to me under those conditions, that if your own original hair doesn't receive any light or oxygen, that your own hair stops growing. Look at men who wear a hat all the time, they have the same problems.

    I hope that things get better for you and thanks for getting back to me. I'm also checking all my medications that might be the cause also.

    Hang in there!:(
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    I had TE, but my scalp pain didn't start until after the TE ended. Hair is not greasy or visibly red, and I am no longer experiencing hair loss, but my scalp hurts. I have no idea what could be causing it and can't get into my dermatologist for another month. I wish I could be of more help. Hang in there, and I will let you know if my doctors figure out the cause. :(
  13. Granny7

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    Hi Little Star,

    I wish that I knew also, but I don't have an appointment either for another 6 weeks, even then, I'm not sure if I'm going to see her, she doesn't seem to be to concerned. I haven't even mentioned the pain yet, still need to see a Endroconologist for blood work.

    Mine has been better the last few days, still don't know what causes it?

    Hang in their!
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    Since I last posted I have been to two dermatologists. Both have said my scalp looks healthy and they cannot feel nor see any signs of inflammation that could be causing pain. I saw the derm today, and he said he had no explanation for why my scalp is so sensitive. He did notice buds of regrowth so that is encouraging. My hair is coming back, but less so in the area where it's the most sensitive. He said give it another month or two and if the soreness doesn't stop I need to come back in for reevaluation.

    Have you heard of trichodynia? It's unexplained scalp pain that often occurs before, during or after major hair loss. I think my scalp pain also has a lot to due with my anxiety and stress levels as it feels less intense when I take anti-anxiety medication.
  15. Granny7

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    Hi Little Star,
    Mine has not been hurting as much lately. Sometimes pains will just shoot through the scalp and I've also noticed a few scaly spots, that itch. Sometimes, the whole scalp has a burning sensation, not real bad, but enough to be aware of it. I too wonder if it happens, the pain that is, when we get nervous about our hair? I can't stand to even look in the mirror at mine.

    I went to an endrocanologist yesterday, mentioned that I had a previous thyroid problem and could you believe, he told me that it was not the reason for hair loss? I just looked at him and couldn't believe it. He feels that it is caused more by hormones. Anyway, never saw my lack of hair, will wait for all the blood work to come back, see what it says, before I look for another doctor.

    I have an appointment at the end of the month for the dermatologist, but am going to see first if I can find one that specializes in hair loss. I also think that anxiety can cause a lot of feelings on the scalp. It sounds like we both need some luck, doesn't it?


    I'm glad that you are at least seeing some hair growth, that is wonderful!
  16. Little Star

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    Hi Granny,

    I'm not sure what kind of hair loss you have, but I had Telogen Effluvium so even though I worried, I knew that it would eventually stop falling out and start growing back. Right now I'm just freaked out by how sensitive my scalp is as a lot of people report that feeling before a major hair shed. My derms keep reassuring me it's growing back, and that it is probably just sensitive from all the hair loss and medications/medicated shampoos I used on it, but I'm still freaked out that I have something more serious, like scarring alopecia.

    If your bloodwork comes back ruling out things like your thyroid (which seems like a definite possibility, your endo sounds like a moron) then I would recommend a scalp biopsy from your dermatologist. This could determine if you have a scarring alopecia, androgenic alopecia, etc. There are so many types of hair loss, I would really recommend a scalp biopsy for a more definitive diagnosis as that can help determine which treatment is best. One of my dermatologists refused to do a scalp biopsy at my request because he said they're "lacking". By that I assume he means it's hard to tell what kind of hair loss you have based on them, but several ladies on here have reported that a scalp biopsy was exactly what helped them get an accurate diagnosis. I wouldn't take no for an answer if the derm refuses.

    Also, has your derm noticed any inflammation on your scalp associated with the pain?
  17. Granny7

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    Hi Little Star,

    Appointment with Dermatologist is at the end of the month. Will insist on scalp biopsy. Had one 20 yrs. ago, showed alopecia, not sure what kind?

    Will wait for blood results on thyroid and hormone tests to see what is the problem and yes he is a moron. My scalp seems sensitive at different times, little pains shoot through it, but it seems to have calmed down. I think stress add's to it and I was under a lot when I posted my reply.

    Good luck with yours, all of this is so frustrating, especially when I see people older than me, with a full head of hair. I hate seeing my hair, what's left of it, it's to sad.

    I'll keep you posted when I hear something. I appreciate your help also in sharing your information. Hang in their!

  18. Little Star

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    Trust me, I know what you mean. I thought I was in the clear when my hair stopped falling out, but now to have my scalp hurt like this and my doctor's can't even help's frustrating and scary. I have to be so gentle with it. Everything aggravates it, even gently combing the ends makes the top sting. I'm still terrified there's something seriously wrong with my scalp from all the medicated shampoos and the steroid I briefly used. I know some of it is psychological due to stress and anxiety but even when I take my anti-anxiety medicine it's still sore on the top. I go back to the derm in a month if it still hurts, and I am also going to insist on a biopsy to rule out anything like scarring alopecia.

    I know it's hard to see older women with better hair than you! I'm 24, and I've seen 50 year old women with thicker hair than me. I think my mom's hair is thicker than mine at the present time, which I try to make a joke of even though it bothers me. My sister has super gorgeous, thick long hair, and she styles it in all these cute ways, and it really makes me miss my hair. It's really damaging to your self-esteem, that's for sure.

    Have you considered a wig? When I was going through TE I looked into them in case I would need one, and there are some really nice, realistic looking pieces out there.
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    I understand completely, but sometimes it seems like the more we worry it just makes the scalp more tense. I do remember during the time about 2 weeks ago, when I responded to this question, that I was under a great deal of stress and pressure to get something very important done. That's when I noticed that my scalp was as tight as a drum. I tried to massage it and that didn't work, it wouldn't move!

    I also take Ativan for anxiety, so it's not helping the scalp either. I've never had any steroid injections, waiting for diagnosis first. I use only cleansers that aren't really shampoo, which is harsh on the scalp and hair. It's called a cleansing shampoo, check it out.

    I can't imagine being 24 and having to face this already. Mine started at about 40, came and went and then around 62, gradually kept getting thinner. I'm now just 67 and it's the worse that its ever been for the past 7 months. My brothers and Dad are all bald on top, sisters have a head full of hair. Mom's side of the family all have hair, Dad's brothers had thin hair and then went bald. It's all very sad to deal with, so I know how you feel. Somedays I don't even care if I get dressed, make-up, etc.

    I haven't considered a wig yet, as it's going to feel heavy. I just want a small, lightweight hairpiece to put on and off, while my hair is filling out again. You noticed how positive I said that? I'm praying that it does, after they shaved the top for the first bonded hairpiece. What a mistake that was and I hope that I don't have to go that route again.

    Anyway, hang in their, we can pray that we find a solution somewhere, right?

    God Bless,
    Now I feel older, no hair too!
  20. Little Star

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    Hi Granny,

    Having a tight scalp definitely sounds like something anxiety based! I have had an anxiety disorder since I was 10 or so, and I have found that anxiety manifests itself in different ways, including scalp tingling/burning sensations. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of your pain is caused by stress/anxiety. However, I don't doubt that your scalp is still painful for other reasons. Mine definitely feels better when I take anti-anxiety meds, but there is still something not right with it. It's more sensitive than it should be, although it has calmed down in the last week or so, probably because two derms have told me I'm ok and I'm not focusing on it as much.

    I don't think it matters what age you are. 20, 40, 60, etc. For a woman, hair is a part of who we are. It's a part of our self-esteem, and it is mentally damaging to lose your hair at any age!

    Best wishes, and please let me know how your derm appointment goes and if you end up getting a biopsy.