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    Can anyone tell me if, after, or stopping using products designed to grow hair you shed more? Last year I noticed my hair was thin and limp. I bought Super Biotin (which I still take) and a bottle of Mega-Tek which I used in Nov 08 for a few months and gradually stopped using altogether. My hair was the best it had been in ages around March 09 - in shine and volume and the growth was great too. The new growth was extremely fine like invisible cotton and had no weight to it - blowing like crazy in a breeze and sticking to my face. Yuk! I have changed to SLS free shampoo over the last few months. However last month my hair changed quite dramatically and became a sort of grizzly shade, The texture became sort of gritty, shine was far less and the shedding increased which worries me as I have fine, thin hair to start with and can't afford to lose any. Hair seems to be dropping everywhere and each hair is about 10" long. I thought it was breakage but on very close inspection there is a tiny, tiny bulb that I could only see with a magnifier.

    My hope was the growth accelerator revved up my folicles to produce hair and thought as they shed they might (fingers crossed) be replaced with normal fine hair of a thicker diameter. I have considered it may be due to a seasonal shed yet can't fathom out why the condition changed too and so quickly. I have read that you usually shed after 3 months of a trauma, child birth, weight loss etc. I haven't had anything like that. I am still using Biotin regularly and don't know whether to start back on the Mega-tek or another product. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    I wish I had more info for you, I'm a newbie... :) Tried Rogaine,Nioxin- no real results and really messy, used Toppik, Aveda,Dermamatch- again no visible results other than the toppik worked good for about the day, then turned to little balls of black stuff you could see through my scalp...

    My Question: What is SLS shampoo?

    Thanks much, Judy
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    Judy - it's sulfate-free shampoos, they are less harsh.
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    Victoria - received the booklet today!

    The penny has just dropped now that I think about it. Three months ago -(as in the trauma period). End of May/early June we booked to stay at an isolated cabin in NC. The drive was so steep and rutted we couldn't get the car or trailer up, had to empty everything out of the trailer and carry it ourselves. Can't believe we did that! We certainly aren't decrepit by a long chalk but we had a job just walking up the drive it was so steep. Neither the landline or our cell phones worked to get any help. The roads were like my worst nightmare whenever we went out, loose gravel with a sheer drop on one side. To top it off our elderly dog died after two days. I had conveniently forgot all that!!!
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    that qualifies as stress,. Keep reading
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    Hey, yes! It's amazing what we have the ability to forget. At the time, literally just weeks ago, the scenario far exceeded my comfort level. Anyway, I am desperate to find a solution and hope that I have exposed my problem if only to myself.