Hair Essentials Vitamins?

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Catie, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Has anyone tried these?

    The reviews on the website looked promising so I ordered two bottles. It's been about a month and I have to admit, I do have little sprouts of regrowth everywhere. However, it's done nothing to slow my shedding. Does anyone have any experience with these vitamins? Or any vitamins for that matter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Been using them for 2 months with great compliance. I started them because my hair started shedding again after 4 months of doing great. Absolutely no effect after 2 months, infact my hair shedding tripled and I lost like 25-30% of the hair from the nape of my neck in the last 2 months. I'm sure the vitamin did not cause this but in the 1.5 yr I have dealt with HL, my hair never reacted like this. Customer service told me to finish the 3rd month, but seeing this, I'm done. I'm asking for a refund (The only good thing is they give you 90 day gaurentee)
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    Thanks for your replies Randi and Sasha.

    Sasha, glad you were able to get a refund. Hair loss is so crazy and what works for some doesn't work for others I guess.

    So I'm almost done with the third bottle (90 days, like the website recommended) and I've been charting my hair loss (I know, it's nuts but if anyone can understand, it's the wonderful women on this site). Anyway, I find the easiest way to gauge my hair loss is to count the number of hairs I lose when combing my hair after the shower. That's how I noticed I was going through crazy shedding in the first place, when so much would come out in my comb. I also find it's easy to get an accurate number.

    Anyway, here are my numbers after starting Hair Essential Vitamins. (It should be noted that I also take a little bit of iron and Vitamin D daily as well). Also, before all this, I would normally lose about 15 hairs after the shower. At the beginning of my TE, it was in the 70 range but thankfully its gotten a lot better. But still not great.

    Sorry if this is too much info, I just thought it might be helpful to give the actual numbers so you can determine for yourself if you think you want to give it a try. As for me, I'm not completely convinced it's working but I am hopeful it's helping to stabilize my shedding.

    Month 1 (Started on August 1st)
    August 1 - 42 hairs
    2nd - 37
    3rd - 38
    4th - 40
    5th - 50
    6th - 42
    7th - 53
    8th - 38
    9th - didn't record
    10th - 41
    11th - didn't record
    12th - 35
    13th - 31
    14th - 30
    15th - 30
    16th - 56
    17th - 32
    18th - 40
    19th - 40
    20th - 45
    21st - 38
    22nd - 32
    23rd - 39
    24th - 40
    25th - 45
    26th - 39
    27th - 17 (woo hooo! This was amazing!)
    28th - 30
    29th - 38
    30th - 36
    31st - 25 (yay, another relatively low day!)

    1st - 17 (woo hoo!)
    2nd - 32
    3rd - 25
    4th - 25 (yay!)
    5th - 18 (woo hoo!)
    6th - 28
    7th - didn't record
    8th - 36
    9th - 30
    10th - 28
    11th - didn't record
    12th - didn't record
    13th - 24
    14th - 26
    15th - 28
    16th - 25
    17th - 20
    18th - 23
    19th - 25
    20th - 26
    21st - 25
    22nd - didn't record
    23rd - 27
    24th - 23
    25th - 25
    26th - 21
    27th - 20
    28 - didn't record
    29th - 36 (boo! I was doing so well! Ups and downs)
    30th - 30

    1st - 16 (woo hoo! Record low!)
    2nd - 22
    3rd - 18
    4th - didn't record
    5th - 25
    6th - didn't record
    7th - 28
    8th - 26
    9th - 29
    10th - 24
    11th - 35 ( :( )
    12th - didn't record
    13th - didn't record
    14th - didn't record (really busy weekend...but if I had to guess, somewhere in the late 20s early 30s for the last three days)
    15th - 22
    16th - 26
    17th - 30
    18th - 44 (boo!)
    19th - 28
    20th - 27
    21st - 29
    22nd - 28
    23rd - 30
    24th - 25

    So what do you guys think? Is it working or no? I think that even though I have some of the similar numbers from the first month, overall, it seems to be helping it stabilize and I don't have those awful sheds as much.

    Hope this helps somehow!
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    I have been using it about 7 months. I don't count the hair loss because I can't. I am African American and about 5 years ago I decided to go natural and stop putting chemicals in my hair to slow the loss because I knew very little then why my hair was falling out. I wear dreadlocks...I know sounds scary or crazy, but my hair fell out in the crown, the sides and back are strong. My hair is not thin on top because of the locks. It was already thin on top because of alopecia that I inherited from my grandmother (although I may have inherited her hormone imbalance too). What I have noticed is that the areas where my head was shiny and bald now have hair. My hair loss is very old too. at first I ignored and hid it with creative hair styles (started in my mid 20's) Then in my late 30's (about six years ago) I started trying new things, such as minoxidil and Rogaine. Used those products for almost two years with very little results. The hair essentials is the only thing that has worked for me, but I also take an iron pill (very anemic) and a multi-vitamin along with it too and I use apple cider vinegar in the place of shampoo because I recently learned that it kills bacteria, fungus, and removes the build-up on the scalp and in the follicles caused by DHT. The progression has been slow, but I am getting results and will continue to use the vitamins along with a multi-vitamin, and iron supplement.
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    Hi Catie,

    [FONT=&quot]How about ensuring that you get your regular intake of Vitamin B, C, D and Biotin which are very essential to have a healthy mane. By supplementing your diet with these vitamins, you will have a healthy crop of hair. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet with adequate rest to reduce stress levels as that also contributes to hair loss.
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    Hi to all , I have been using Nizoral 2% . I also had a hard time finding the OTC 1% it's on some sort off back order and not available . My insurance covers the's a small bottle, however a little goes a long way-you do not need to use much and it lathers alot. I am just finishing my first bottle which lasted about two months on a three to four times a week regimen. I am happy with it, I do think it is helping some. It is definitely not hurting. I am seeing some small regrowth who knows what to attribute it to but In my opinion it's good to have in your arsenal of products for combating hair loss . Hang in there everyone. Debbie
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    Oops!!!! That reply belongs in th dht fighting shampoo section.
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    Biotin or also called Vitamin B7. I've tried biotin from Hercules Vitamins and it gave great results on my hair. It minimized hair fall and it made my hair thicker.
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    I think the one ingredient in the hair essentials that promotes hair growth is the flax oil. After using it for over a year I got results, but minimal. The top/back of my head was completely bald and after 8 months the hair started growing in where my scalp was shiny, but it never progressed beyond that.

    I moved on to my weight and decided to work on me. I starting making smoothies in the morning and adding flaxseed. At first I noticed my issues with hangnails stopped....then my nails started growing, my eyebrows got thicker and then I saw it...the hair on my head starting growing, and much faster than before. I couldn't get the hair on the very top (crown) to grow with the hair essentials, but all of a sudden it started growing. I stopped the hair essentials (just too expensive for very little growth), but continued with the flaxseed. my hair is still growing, more than it has in years although my temples are still thin. I tried mixing flax and chia, but that didn't work as well as the flaxseed alone. I never got results like this with the flax oil, plus you have to take too much of it to be beneficial. It was an accident. I was doing it for diet and exercise and the side effect was new hair. Who knew?
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    B-complex vitamins is essential for good hair and skin. In addition to Vitamin B12, vitamins B3 and B6 are also critical for hair and skin growth and appearance.
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    You might want to include Biotin and B-complexes as well as Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are my favorite. I took them while I was pregnant 3 1/2 years ago and I recently started taking them again. You have to take one every single day. After a couple of months have passed you will see the difference in shiny, beautiful and healthy hair. Eat nutritious food. Don't overload on junk and fried foods. You know the saying, "you are what you eat"? Well, a diet rich in veggies, lean protein and lots of water will help you grow and maintain beautiful locks.