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    ive been looking into hair extensions, i went to a salon today and they said they would put the minimum amount just to add fullness and they would not add any length to avoid extra weight.

    I was just diagnosed with AGA from a hair clinic, i had a scalp biopsy done and ive been losing my hair for about a year. im still shedding quite a bit and they tugged on my hair a bit and said that they could still do it

    just wondering if anyone has had success with these
    im just looking to boost my confidence a bit and get my mind off of the hair loss, but i dont want to exacerbate the situation

  2. celticsfan2677

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    hi its ang again, just looking for any response if someone could share any hair extension experiences
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    my aunt has the similar problem. and she uses hair extensions always. BTW, she ordered the extensions from this site, and quality is highly recommended:).
  4. celticsfan2677

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    hi thanks for reply
    does she find that it damages her existing hair and causes more thinning?
  5. vivianjin2011

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    oh no, hair extensions can't damage her natural hair. it works perfect on her head.
  6. celticsfan2677

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    ive heard that they can damage if not applied properly, and sometimes the extra weight pulls on the follicle causing it to fall out
  7. vivianjin2011

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    she applied the extensions by her hairdresser. so it doesn't damage the hair.
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    I tried hair extensions to fill out my hair. They were the crimped metal ring type, applied by a hairdresser. My real hair ended up getting tangled around the metal rings and when I had the hairdresser take them out I lost a lot of hair all over. It took a year for my hair to recover somewhat, some hair never grew back. I ended up getting a pixie cut and 'starting over'. Right now I am focused on growing the healthiest hair I can :) If I had to try extensions again knowing what I know I would start with the clip-in type so I could take them out at night and avoid the traction alopecia I experienced. HTH.

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    Wow! You are like my twin sister. I am AA so I had a weave put in, at the time I only had breakage in my crown area. It wasn't noticeable but AFTER oh boy was I bald. My hair snapped and broke off and it NEVER has recovered. I had to get a hallie Berry cut and I still have 2 bald spots. My hair couldn't handle the weight of the weave and the tension. No way I will ever but anything in my hair, too weak.
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    I have fine hair, but before all of this hair loss mess, I had enough hair, it was again, just fine. I tried hair extensions because I LOVE long hair and wanted them for a couple special occasions. Now I purchased the expensive clip-in exensions and each time I wore them (3 or 4 times) my hair dresser put them in. I wore them maybe a total of 36-48 hours and when I took them out I noticed my hair was much thinner and my scalp felt like it was on fire - I had burning sensations and was sweating a lot around my brow. It was so scary because I could tell that my hair was notciably thinner. Personally (although I felt like a rockstar the short while I had them in) I think hair extensions are the devil. Not kidding, my hair has not grown back were the extensions were. I would highly advise against this, I thought I was getting the extensions that wouldn't cause harm because they were the clip-ins - not so!
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    I think it really depends on what kind you get. If you are of European decent, chances are you should never get a weave (sew in) as our hair is just not strong enough to hold in the weight of a weave. I have gotten Great Length extensions. They are great quality. The only thing you have to be aware of is the length of time you leave them in for. The longer you leave them in, the more tangled they will get, which will cause fall out when they are removed. If you only leave them in for 3 months you should not have any problems. Once you leave them in for 4-5 or longer the harder they are to remove. I would also suggest you never get back to back sets put in. I did that once and the texture of my hair changed. It took a good year for my hair to get back to the same texture it was before the extensions. Just be careful about it and talk to a good extensionist that knows what they are doing. Ask them how long they have been doing it and if they are certified (a lot of the cheaper brands do not require certification, but the good ones do). My stylist actually dealt with a lot of clients with thinning hair so was able to make good suggestions.
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    I've been wearing hair extentions for over years because my hair started thinning a lot and my dermatologist told me that hair extentions actually my your hair fall off, and shes RIGHTTTTT because my hair has fallen off more. Wigs are better!
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    Hair extensions is not that harmful and you can use them. If you still feel anxious take a visit to a new salon or a hair spa to ensure you get the best results for your hair issue.
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    Hair thinning has become sever problem nowadays attaching supplement is temporary and good option to overcome it.
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    Alright so first off I would highly suggest getting the clip in extensions from experience. I had extensions sown into my hair last year and they looked nice for a while and they are very fun but then it just gets tiring keeping up with it. Another thing, it is not good to wash your hair everyday because its bad for the extension hair, but you can if you want. Since you have curly hair it might be hard to match a hair texture if you want it the same. They do have really nice "wavy" extensions that could match your hair because if you get straight extensions you would have to straighten your hair all the time and that's not good for it.