hair falls out more when wet..and number of hairs

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  1. becks88

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    So i have been losing my hair for around 3 months or so( i have noticed my hair is thinner)
    and noticed that i always lose a lot more hair when i take a shower-especily around the time when i condition it.

    does any one know why it falls out more when it is wet,and possibily how to prevent less from falling out when i shower?

    and also is there a set number of hairs that need to fall out before it is considred hair loss? I loose around 25 in the shower..which for me is a scary amount,and always have hair fall when i run my fingers through my hair-so in a day,it may be around 50 + in total.
  2. anniroc

    anniroc New Member

    I'm having the EXACT same problem!!

    Maybe we can communicate and help with info we find out from our doctors?
    ??? :( I think im losing 100 hairs at least...more after wash hair??
  3. muffinmom

    muffinmom New Member

    Same thing with me.
  4. BettyG

    BettyG New Member

    I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like the shower is my biggest enemy because that's always where the most comes out. Sooner or later I realized that what's coming out is coming out - but not before I got a little .... lax in my showering. I couldn't go on like that too long.

    Sometimes I'll use a shower cap and then gently wash my hair afterwords. It's not miracle cure, but it helps.
  5. muffinmom

    muffinmom New Member

    Thanks for responding. I went to an internist/endocrinologist today to see if my hormones are whacked out and maybe that's the cause. But I have been studying the sodium lauryl sulfate that they are putting in so many shampoos, including mine, biolage. SLS destroys and kills hair follicles. I am now looking for a shampoo that does not have it. I went to Trade Secrets today and guess what. - NOT ONE shampoo without SLS laurel or laureth. Even Pureology had it. Also, Pantene conditioner destroys hair by coating it with wax and suffocating it. I had a film on my scalp and I could scrape it off with my fingernail. It was grayish white. I believe it was from the Pantene. If you google it you will see many people have had problems with it. Let me know if you find any answers. God Speed.
  6. meggie

    meggie New Member

    In response to your trying to find a good shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate, I found a great shampoo and conditioner. It is called Jason Natural Biotin Shampoo. It is all natural with no SLS. Look up I ordered mine through Vitacost. It was a lot cheaper and was delivered within a few days. I love it. I hope this helps you.
  7. muffinmom

    muffinmom New Member

    Thanks, Meggie! I have been researching for hours and hours and had about settled on bert's bees. How does it leave your hair? Is it a 2 in 1 product? conditioner in the shampoo? or 2 separate products? Thanks! muffinmom
  8. meggie

    meggie New Member

    Hi Muffinmom,
    I ordered the Jason Natural Biotin Shampoo and also the conditioner (2 products) at The 16 oz. sizes were only $5.10 each (much cheaper than any other website). It arrived in a few days and I really like it. The conditioner leaves my hair a little too soft so I only use it every few days. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling very clean and smelling great. I really like it. Just knowing that it is all natural without chemicals makes me feel much better dealing with my hair loss. Hope this helps you out!
  9. muffinmom

    muffinmom New Member

    That is so neat! I was just researching this very topic when I got ur email. I just bought Burt's Bees Very Volumizing Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo and I also got the conditioner. $8 per bottle. If my hair stops falling out it will be worth it. I have been researching the effects of SLS on the hair and am horrified at what I have been learning. The good news is that many people are finding their hair growing back beautifully after quitting the SLS. Let me know how it goes for you. Thanks for caring. :)
  10. muffinmom

    muffinmom New Member

    The second time I washed my hair with the SLS free shampoo, (Burt's Bees Very volumizing) my hair had almost completely STOPPPED FALLING OUT. Only 5 hairs could I find in the tub with me. I combed my hair wet and usually lose a ton but again, only about 5. I showed my daughters and they were AMAZED as they have seen what I have gone through with hairloss since October 2009. This is like a miracle, Meggie. How is your experiment going with the Jason? Let me know soon!
  11. megtro610

    megtro610 New Member

    have you considered using Nioxin shampoo and conditioner?
  12. meggie

    meggie New Member

    I have tried Nioxin shampoo and conditioner and liked the way it made my hair feel but it made it shed like crazy!! I stopped using it after a week and now the shedding has slowed down considerably. I'm taking it back to the store where I bought it hoping to get my money back.
  13. megtro610

    megtro610 New Member

    ya i know what you mean haha! I am told that things like Nioxin and Rogain make your hair fall out more because its "shedding the weak hair to make room for the stonger ones"
    Its is a bit unnerving to see more clumps of hair come out in the shower tho hha
  14. shortie

    shortie New Member

    Another shampoo without the chems is WEN conditioning cleanser. I really like the stuff, my poor hair feels better when I use it. My hair doesn't shed as much in the shower as afterward. Horrible, just a flurry of hairs every time. It does make one shower less often, which in Washington DC in July is not a good thing.
  15. Cat Eyes

    Cat Eyes Guest

    Go to a health food store like Whole Foods. They carry organic shampoos that do not contain it.
  16. meggie

    meggie New Member

    I have been using Jason Natural Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for quite some time now and really like it. I ordered it from and they have it at a good price. There are no laurel/laureth sulfates involved---just natural products. Check it out at the website. It is pure, natural and organic. Check it out at the website. Hope this helps.