Hair Loss After Pregnancy!

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    Just a bit about me. I recently turned 30 years old and cannot believe that I am posting at a sight for HAIR LOSS. I am devastated. I have progressively been getting thinner hair over the past 2 years and I gave birth 3 months ago and now my hair is so thin. I am not sure if my hair loss is worse now because of then end of pregnancy or if there is something else going on? I have have had my thyroid levels tested and they are all normal.
    I guess I need to know what the next step is? Do I get more hormone tests done? What kind of doctor do I see? Ack.. I am so devastated, embarrassed and am becoming consumed by this... sigh..

    Thanks in advance....
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    I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering from hair loss. It was devastating, embarrassing & consuming for me, too. Finding this site has probably been the most helpful thing for me, as I continue to seek the 'answer/cure' for my hair loss.

    Here are the steps I referrals from primary care physician to a dermatologist & endocrinologist. Your derm can rule out some things just examining your scalp. You can ask for a scalp biopsy. Your endo can do hormonal testing & full blood work up to make sure you have no vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

    Also, you could check w/ your doctor to see if it's ok to use Rogaine while you seek out the answers. I don't know if you are nursing, so I'd definitely check w/ your docs before you take or apply anything :).

    We used to live in Alberta for a few years. I loved it & miss the snow, the skiing & beauty.