HAIR LOSS BREAKTHROUGH!- the future treatment...

Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by -T-, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. -T-

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    This just brought up my day.. thinking that maybe in a couple years, there will be hope.
    Of course I won't get my hopes up too much until it actually happens :) Just thought I'd share with you guys though!
  2. Emmarose

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    Oh, my god. You are an angel in disguise for finding this and posting it. I am about to cry this would be life altering for so many women!!
  3. kdwmw

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    This is so exciting! Thanks for some good news!
  4. ItsOnlyMe

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    If this works, it will be absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks so much for posting this, that is fab :D

    Btw, looking at this site prompted me to do some searching. I ended up finding this site http://www.********* It does seem to use Minoxidil as well as supplements. I know there are some concerns about Minoxidil and I would certainly take those into consideration if I were to go to the centre. However, checking out the success stories on the site is pretty inspiring stuff.....

    Think I'm going to give my herbal/Alpecin a trial for at least a month before I make any further decisions about treatment.....
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  6. Tracy C

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    Repost from "The Bald Truth Talk" about Replicel...

    This is a post I just made on the Bald Truth Talk forum in a thread about Replicel. There are four biotech companies working on regerative treatments to resolve hair loss. Replicel is the one that I feel the most confident about, though they may not be the first to market. Here is the thread:

    And here is my comment about it:

    Here is a link to Replicel's website. Make sure to watch the video.
  7. purplemainst

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    Anyone heard anything lately. We are 3 years into the news story. I checked the company's website, things look hopeful. Please Lord, help science find us a solution soon
  8. VioletBlue

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    Hi PurpleMainSt,

    In regards to the link, it sounds very similar to Acell Therapy. I could be wrong, but it's the idea that your cells regenerate by way of PRP injections mixed with a powder. It's supposed to last about 5 years and your hair basically regenerates and grows in its original color. There's someone here in NY that does this procedure, but it's extremely expensive. I may do it just to tied me over until something better is approved. For example...

    I also found this latest link (Oct 2013), which is promising something even better. Growing hair where there was none.

    I'm starting to become more hopeful. Crossed fingers.

    Good luck!
  9. Cassy

    Cassy Member

    WOW. This is the best thing I have heard yet. Notice how he said this was good news for women. Maybe there is hope at least for my daughter who got this horrendous gene from me.
  10. VioletBlue

    VioletBlue New Member

    Cassey, I agree and can't tell you how hopeful this bit of news is for me personally! Here's the other treatment I was referring to which is temporary. I've been hearing though that it may be affective for at least a few years....
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    thank your for sharing...JB