Hair loss since age 16

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    I am 30 years old now and have been loosing hair since 16. I used to have gorgeous silky dark brown hair so thick that it almost filled the space between my thumb and pointer finger when grabing my ponytail. I noticed hair loss right away wten it started. I got really nervous about it. I tried talking about it to some family members but nobody believed me. They laughed at me being just paranoyd. But i wasnt just paranoyd. Now at thirty my ponytail is about finger thick. I keep my hair up all the time trying to hide my wide part.

    At age 18 i moved to canada from europe and saw a doctor about it. He told me that dht is causing it as well as low iron. "dht" meant nothing to me. Nothing the doctor said about dht registered. I thought i need to focus on the low iron issue. I tried the supplements for a month, didn't see a diffeence and gave up. I retried the iron pills a few times but every time only for a month without change. Getting more and more deprest about the issue.

    At age 30 i gave birth to my 3rd child and experience crazy postpartum hairloss, worse than the first two times. I panicked and started to research womens hairloss and treatments.

    This is what i learned.
    Dht is cruccial issue and needs to be understood and treated. Dht is dehydrotestasterone that attacks hair follicles and cause hair loss. Dht results from body not being able to deal with testasterone. I found Nisim - a company that has created a shampoo that neutralises dht. It works amazing. My hair hasnt fallen out so little since 16! Nisim also has extract that regrows hair. I have used it for 4 months and see results. I have tiny baby hair growing everywhere!!! So exciting!

    I also realised that you have to take supplements for minimum 3 months to see results. I have been taking iron, multi vitamin, L-Lysine and Magnessium for 5 months. I am loving the results. It will robably take 1 to 2 years to get the hair i want, but i am patient! It will take time!
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    how did you end up finding nism?
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    Your story sounds alot like mine

    Hi Dorotea.

    I started experiencing HL at the age of 15 as well. I had naturally curly, thick hair and I can still recall the many compliments I would get from total strangers. Gradually as the years went by the HL continued. I do not have HL in specific areas, it was gradual loss over the entire scalp. I was put on minoxidle 5% for about a year or so around the age of 20, and although my hair did thicken abit, I got tired of applying the lotion morning and night. For a number of years I used concealers, but then got tired of that as well. For about 2 years I have been wearing a topper, but am now getting tired of that as well. I've been on rogain foam for about 1 year and am not liking the results anymore. The hair does appear slightly thicker, but not enough that i could forgo my topper. I have read many good things about Nisim and have contemplated investing the money in it.

    How long have you been using it? And how soon did you notice the growth? I've used Nixon and was not impressed by it's results.
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    My hair shedding dramaticaly slowed down in about two weeks of using Nisim shampoo. The hair lost during shower and brushing after together came to a tiny ball the size of end of my pinky compared to the baby carrot size before. Huge difference. I honestly cant remember it falling out so little ever. I have used Nisim now for 4 months and am starting to see regrowth. They say regrowth is visible after 4-6 months of using shampoo - extract combination. Suggestion - dont use their conditioner! I didnt like it at all and it has no benefit against hair loss or for regrowth. Get the tri pack but take two shampoos and extract instead of one shampoo and one conditioner and extract. I still use conditioner. I just choose my favorit brand. It is much cheaper that way. The tri pack cost about $95. There are always coupons available. I just purchased the two shampoo tri pack for $78 (15% off). Free shipping. This will last me 3 months. Totaly worth it!
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    Love it! I am telling all my friends about it who could benefit from it as well.
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    Thanks Dorotea. Will have to look into it :) Keep us posted on your progress.