Hair regrowth - almost back to before hairloss

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    I was last on here in 2012 looking for solutions, advice and answers. I was thinking of trying a product called called Stimulair. Well, I started taking it religiously. Two capsules a day along with Primerose Oil capsule, biotin and men's rogaine (1x a day). My hair was thinning badly at the tom and a few spots in the back, could not wear my hair down, always half up then noticed spots where i was pinning it up. I went to a dermatologist but she didn't run any blood test, just asked about medical history and family genetics. Both parents have very thin hair, two female cousins also have thinning hair like mine, although my sisters seem to have thick hair. Dr said probably genetics, recent surgery, and blow out treatment could be the cause. She recommended the rogaine (men's) to be used 2x a day and recommended that i purchase something called a hairmax. thought about buying the hairmax but it was $400.00 and it didnt have many good reviews! I am so happy to report in hopes that this may help others. My hair is full again (still need to tease a few spots that seperate and you can see the scalp a little.) But nothing like before, It was super thin on the crown area but has since grown back. I am not sure if it was the combo of all the pills but for the last year, I have only taken the stimulair 2 pills daily and the rogaine. I will take the biotin 2x a week. I will search for pictures of the thinning and post ... then show you how my hair looks now! I hope that others can have the same success with these vitamins and products!