Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by seashore, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. seashore

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    It seems that my hair loss has been overnight -one day I had a thick head of hair, the next day it's gone. Actually, it's been going on for a year, but during the past 3 months I've reached the stage I call "scalp show" - when you can't find a hair part that doesn't show scalp. The only thing that works is a (shudder) comb-over.

    I'm scared, I'm angry, and I'm tired. I'm scared that I'm losing my identity. I've always been known as the girl (woman) with the gorgeous hair, and now it's gone. I'm scared I'll look like my sister, who has less hair than I on her scalp. And I'm scared that I won't be attractive to men.

    I'm angry at my friend who said when she was diagnosed with cancer that she feared losing her hair more than the cancer. I'm angry at the friend who said she wouldn't know what to do if she had hair loss - it's too awful for her to think about. I'm angry at my mother who said it makes her sick to look at me. I'm angry that I'm turning 60 this year and for a birthday present I get hair loss. I'm angry that the hairstyles that I selected from a virtual hairstyle website require more hair than I have. I'm angry that despite my research and consultations with a number of "experts", the hair continues to fall.

    I'm tired of feeling out of control, despite my full-scale attack on the hair problem. I'm tired of having scalp pain which is a harbinger for hair loss. And I'm really tired of looking in the mirror. Perhaps some of you share these feelings, too.
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    I feel the exact same way. Scared, angry, depressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, hopeless, defeated, and suicidal. I think that about says it all :-(
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    I also feel the same way- I've had hair loss for 10 months and am also now in the scalp showing group. I took pics of my hair last night and its a good thing I'm not capable of having a bird's eye view of my part because I would go insane!

    And at 28- I can't imaging having to battle this for the rest of my life- it just isn't fair. But for now I refuse to believe that this can't be reversed and I'm fighting like hell to save my hair. Maybe I'm in denial but it's the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.
  4. seashore

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    I'm obsessing about hair loss!

    I can't take this! Whenever I pass a mirror, I do a double-take and think, "Is that me? Where's all my hair?" I haven't had time to adjust to this condition. I resent the fact that I told my endocrinologist about this last June and she thought it was my synthroid -but did not order any tests. In fact, I told my doctors, my family and friends that I was losing hair, and they said "Your hair is great. No big deal" Now, they're saying "What happened to your gorgeous hair?" I feel like saying, "It's on vacation" or "It left me for another head". Actually, I really feel like punching them (I started boxing at the gym) and calling them insensitive and superficial.

    The only thing keeping me sane is my sense of humor. I wear a slumber cap indoors so I won't be tempted to stare in the mirror. I go to the virtual makeover websites to see what new hairstyle will accommodate my very thin locks. I've had long hair almost all my life, and it was almost waist length when the hair loss started. Now I look like a Chinese crested.
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    I felt the same way. I am turning 63 this year and my hairloss started 4 years ago. I finally got tired of trying to comb it different ways and trying to use various concealers to try and hide my hair loss. Actually it's bad enough now that I really can't hide it. So I paid lots of money for a topper to wear to work. This has helped tremendously. However sometimes I still feel resentful that I have to wear a topper.

    I've been to multiple doctors and they all just brush me off. None of them have ever actually said it, but their attitude tells me that they don't think my hair loss is a big deal, after all I am over 60 and it isn't life threatening!
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    First bald spot

    I have about 2 sheds worth of hair left. I managed to have the abridged version of hair loss - lose 3 years' worth of hair in less than a year. My middle part is getting bigger and bigger and I have a major bald spot at the rear apex, left side.

    I waited too long to get help. I had major shedding but that has happened in the past and it had grown back. Not this time. No growth. The dermatologist was more concerned with treating my seborrheic dermatitis/psoriasis than my hair loss. I'm afraid to use any products on my scalp while it's inflamed. Diagnosis was made in February,but I've lost so much hair. It's begun to affect my personality - I've become antisocial, I turn down activities and I can't stand to look in the mirror. I'm even losing my sense of humor, which has sen me through many crises. How do you find the strength to deal with it?
  7. Dara

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    Well I have to deal with it. I have to go to work and I want to go to my grandkids' activities. What helped, I think was the topper I bought. It looks exactly like my bio hair which was always on the thin and straight side anyhow. It still doesn't solve the question of why am I losing my hair though.
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    I can relate to the hair loss changing your personality. Nobody had a better sense of humor then me.....not anymore. I haven't laughed ( or even smiled for over a year ). I never leave my house, talk to anybody, or see anybody. It's just too humiliating.

    I'm guessing you have a thyroid problem, since you mentioned Synthroid. That's what started my hair loss 2 years ago. I went to the doctor as soon as i noticed i was losing hair in the shower. She did blood work, and it came back showing i had Hypothyroidism. I never even heard of that before, so i didn't have a clue what i was in for. I went on medication right away, and fast forward to now, and my hair still continues to fall out. I was told it would stop as soon as i started on medication, and that it would grow back. Neither has happened. I've tried 4 different medications, at lots of different doses, with no results. I just don't get it. I was a healthy person, with beautiful long hair, until this happened. Now i'm so sick every day, all i do is lay on the couch until it's time to go back to bed. I know other people with thyroid problems, and they all feel good, and have beautiful hair. Sometimes i feel like it's just me that this has happened to. It just makes me angry that i have to lose my hair from a treatable disease. The medication is suppose to stop the hair loss, but for me, it doesn't.

    I'm so afraid of being a recluse for the rest of my life. I feel suicidal every day. I just don't see the point of living this kind of life. I've also learned there is absolutely no compassion for people with hair loss. I've actually had doctors laugh at me ( which is why i won't go anymore ). Being laughed at, is worse then the hair loss :-(
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    Second Round Of PRP Therapy

    OKAY.... I'm trying to stay positive about this hairloss stuff because I know that things could be worse?? Anyway I'm on my way for the 2nd round of PRP and I'm in need of some prayers because I'm thinking that things are not working as well for me as others... Sorry I may be a bit envious(trying so hard) not to feel that way but when you try so hard to fight something and your not seeing the results it is soooo hard not to feel that way. I wish so bad that someone could tell me something that could help me... the first round did stop my hair from coming out as bad that is true.. I guess that's why I am going back again.... but it does continue to look not good.. I can't understand WHY it doesn't get better looking... Why the thin keeps going and going... Should I be taking Aldactone(spiro) I have 5 bottles I have never taken any.. didn't think t would help BUT I'm really starting to give up on this... my hope was to hold out because I thought one day they would be able to shoot us up with follicles from hair that would damn grow... but I'm starting to feel likes it isn't meant to be.. I am sorry for this depressing blog but this is how I'm beginning to feel.. If anybody has any ANY ideas I'am so open for help it's scary.... Please say a prayer for me and hope this will do something more.. Again I am sorry for the long blog... Thank You all for any suggestions?? Lisah:confused::confused::confused:
  10. seashore

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    There are so many variables concerning when a treatment becomes effective. I certainly would not give up on the procedure. Actually, I admire you for taking such a positive step in treating your hair loss.

    I have not started anything yet, since I was waiting for my scalp to calm down. Well, if I wait any longer, I won't have any hair to worry about.
    I was ok a month ago, but things are hitting me hard this week. You see, I had SO MUCH HAIR that my hairdresser, 3 dermatologists, 1 therapist, and 1 endocrinologist couldn't see any loss (or so they said). Yet I told them ALL that I had mucho hair loss a year ago. I explained to them about my scalp pain and burning - no reaction. One of the doctors said it was psoriasis because my scalp was red. IT's NOT, STUPID (dr.) It's hair loss and you're a horrible doctor!

    My hair looks like swiss cheese - it's really weird looking, like a trellis with scalp underneath. This is the first week I've been antisocial and it's not pleasant when the high point of the day is picking out a dvd at Blockbuster.