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    I noticed no one discussed this on the forum is it because it is not a good idea?

    I have aa and it is going fast i have diffuse aa and the front is so bad i wear a hair band. I saw a transplant dr who said how said a young girl like me was suffering from this she sighed with upset and yet showed me her hair which was balding and a wig in areas. She said even if i had a hair transplant the front would be fine but the donor area is already going so i would need another one on the sides later - would it still be a a good idea>

    I am going to see another specialist tomorrow to find out - i dont know what to do i hate this i feel so ugly i cant go out i cant meet others

    a wig is that what i should do>

    Help and advice needed

    lasercomb too i use have you used it?
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    Hair transplant real pull section sides or back head grows hair plant in head where bald stretch out hair plug surgery in too bald scalp wait weeks hair take regrows front or rear crown might have two have 1 two go hair transplants enough hair cover bald scalp look have hair all over head not gone g for it balding twenty nearly 99 percent bald nearly time shave off recede thin stubble front crown all have left bald rear dome make into smooth dome never go have hair transplant stay bald.