Hairstyle for very short hairs after chemotherapy

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Friendly Stylists' started by qp88, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. qp88

    qp88 New Member

    Dear Ladies, please help advice. Recently underwent the chemotherapy, hair certainly become quite rare. Has cut itself, but would like to give a more accurate view. Could you please advise what the hairstyle will be more suitable for me form these
    Thanks for all your comments in advance
  2. queenofthemacabre

    queenofthemacabre New Member

    Hi qp88, Its hard to say without seeing how your hair looks at the moment, and seeing what you look like, all the styles are very beautiful but it depends on what result you are trying to achieve? xx
  3. Julia David

    Julia David Member

    Before chemo, I had long, straight hair.

    My hair grew back very curly, but as it got longer, it seemed to be trying to straighten out again. Yesterday, I got all the chemo curls cut out and my hair looks much neater now. It's very short, but it's fine. It definitely has a lot of body to it like it never had before.

    I'm not willing to try any drastic stuff on it.
  4. DewayneWood

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    If your hairs are quite short and you are trying to get a different look then you can also try for hair extensions. It will provide you an instant change in your look with heavy volume of hair.