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    Well it has been about one year since I started blogging on this site. Many things have changed in a year, this site has definately had a face lift. And I have changed for the worse I think. I still have hair loss, TE, not getting any better, getting slowly worse. I hear the DRs voice in my head," it will resolve itself, you won't loss all your hair." I can't believe it anymore. Most days I just ignore it. I have just gone past the 10th anniversary of my mothers death from Cancer, I remember she had trouble with hair loss some years prior to her diagnosis, I wonder is this my fate. Is it a path I am destined to follow or will it just resolve itself? I don't have the answers, and neither do the DRs. I have had some results, a new female DR did find my heart is not working right, so this will be futher tested by a Heart specialist in August, I am hoping my hair loss may be linked to this issue, as I have read in the past some heart conditions can cause hair loss, but again another long wait until Aug 6th. Till Then. :(
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    Hi Rachel,
    I'm sorry that things aren't going so well for you. There is another member on the Network that has had heart problems in the past and she does suffer with hair loss. Here is her profile link if you'd like to talk with her about it: