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    About 16 months ago, my hair started falling out by the handful when I showered. This was the 3rd time in my life this had happened, and just like most women, I couldn't get any explanation or solution from medical professionals. They were unsympathetic, and not helpful.

    I found a company called the Hair Loss Control Clinic, and they had a system that consisted of a shampoo, conditioner, topical solution, and a vitamin taken twice daily. There is also a laser that you sit under for 30 minutes - they have a home model. I stopped losing my hair in less than a week!! And it has been a full year since I started (it's a one year commitment) and I have grown enough hair to feel comfortable again. :) I don't have a full head of beautiful hair, but I've accepted I never will be one of those girls.

    I am not a spokesperson for this company - they do have some downfalls. Their customer service is not great... You may have to be persistent with communication. And it is a pretty expensive solution (I paid $3000 for one year) but I am pleased with the results enough to spread the word. The products also had a pleasant smell, and I also saw an improvement in my hair quality. They are based in New York, but have centers around the country. You can also get products mailed to you.

    I did try acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which were helpful. I also learned some important facts: most hair loss is due to too much testosterone; look for product that block DHT. Monoxodil does help you grow hair, but it's the same kind of hair that is on your arm. This works fine for men, but women what longer, thicker hair. If you just want to cover your scalp, it may work for you, however know that you have to use it continuously. Once you stop, you will lose the hair that grew. I experienced this, and I decided I wasn't willing to make a lifelong commitment. Also, many store bought shampoos are harsh on our hair. Look at ingredients and consider all natural products; and ones that clear sebaceous glands - if these are clogged, hair can't grow.

    I have to say that I was very self conscious when I was losing my hair, and a lot of the websites made me feel worse... I was not willing to wear a wig, but was getting close to that point. I want to now let other women know that there are some solutions. Hope that helps!
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    Hello KAMlb

    Hello, I hope you don't mind some questions... I have been dealing with hairloss for awhile now(6 years) and I haven't really got the hairloss thing in my family so I haven't been happy not finding the anwers and help that I want. What kind of hairloss do you have?? Did you find the place or were you recommended to the place?? What part of the USA do you live?? I am wondering if they have a place in my area?? I would love to try a different approach because I'm really not happy with the outsomes I have had so far... I am very proactive as have tried many things... Thanks for all your help and hope you don't mind all my questions....Lisah:confused::p
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    I have thin hair, and when it falls out, it does so all over. The main area is the crown of my head, but I didn't get a spot that was completely bald. When I do the topical solution, I cover the top and crown of my head.
    When I was getting close to needing a wig, I did an internet search for treatment options. I have to say, I was really discouraged by all the blogs :( The Hair Loss Control Clinic was one of the places that I contacted, and after my evaluation I signed up.
    I live in California, but you can go to hlcc.com to see if there are any centers near you. The program gives you a year of products and then the option of going to their laser twice a week, or having a home laser that you sit under 3 times a week. Their laser is stronger, but here is where the customer service left something to be desired... they closed my laser center without contacting me! I showed up one day and it was gone... then it took a week to get any answers from the head office in NY. But they did mail me products and a laser for home after some argument. All that, and I still recommend their products ;)
    I am done with my year, and I am continuing to use their products. There is a solution that opens follicles, a gel that promotes growth, a shampoo and conditioner, and a vitamin (that you should take with food - it does cause nausea!) that I take every morning and every night. The laser promotes blood supply to the follicles to stimulate growth. My hair stopped coming out in the shower after only a week - and that was a huge psychological benefit for me.
    The Chinese herb that helped me is called Seven Treasures - but that didn't stop the fall out.
    Hope that helps! I don't want other women to feel as discouraged and hopeless as I did a year ago.
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    Thanks for Responding

    Hey KAMlb, thanks for responding... I checked and there are no clinics in Georgia where I live... What do you think about the products only?? I tried Rogaine and hated how it made my hair look and that was several years ago before I lost all that I have since then... Is it something I have to apply 2 times a day like rogaine... I 'm not sure about buying a home laser especially since they are not a guar.??? But I would purchase the products but not sure if they would work by themselves?? Thanks for all your help.... I would go to the clinic and try if they had one here!!!!!:confused::confused:
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    I think that the porducts alone are beneficial - they aim at limiting the testosterone at the scalp level, with a gel that promotes growth. The laser is also supposed to promote growth, but if you're using the gel, you're doing something, right? The gel goes on once a day - at night, and it's pretty thick, so after sleeping with it, I shower in the morning with the shampoo and conditioner. Then style and go. It worked with my lifestyle because I like to shower in the morning.
    Doing just the products is still a little expensive - I think a 3 month supply is around $200 (I don't know for sure.) But you could try one set and see if it works in those 3 months before committing, right? I noticed a difference in that time, but some people I hear take 6 month.
    It's been over a year for me, and I'm still using the products. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to continue because of the price. I'm nervous to stop because they did make such a difference.
    Hope that help!