Has anyone seen Dr. James S. Feinberg?

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  1. justbreathe

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    Just wondering if any of you have seen Dr. James S. Feinberg. He's the Medical Director of the Dematology Center at University of IL Med Center in Chicago

    American Academy of Dermatology lists him as a doctor with a "specialty" in hair disorders. Some from the same list were not rated so favorably here on the forum.

    He only takes cash so I hope to avoid being disappointed. I've already seen two dermatologists. My regular one admits to not knowing much about hair loss and told me to do some research. The other one offered me a transplant thru his nurse sight unseen. :eek:

    I live in Northwest Indiana.
  2. Idesign50

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    I saw him

    Don't waste your time or money on this DR. :(
  3. lindaoo

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    What was your experience with Dr. Feinberg??? Why was it so bad?
  4. walkytalky2

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    I saw Dr. James Feinberg

    I have thinning hair and after 2 years using minoxidyl 5% (with good results after 5 months) started thinning again. I considered going straight to transplants, and contacted a doctor who was a member of IAHRS (International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons) was told that I should first be evaluated to see if I was a candidate, and that the surgeon I had picked (Dr. Konior) only took 1 out of 5 women. I was told that if the woman is not a good candidate, hair transplants could "shock" the remaining hair and more would fall out, resulting in loss of a lot of money and much worse hair condition. Dr. Feinberg was HIGHLY recommended by this office, so I made an appointment. I read about him and knew going in that he would explain everything (which he did IN DETAIL) and that he would offer, if I chose, to walk out, to think about it and make another appointment, to have a blood test to see if there were any factors visible there for my hair loss, or to have a blood test and a skin biopsy (ditto). I wanted results asap and chose to have the blood test and biopsy (fast, painless) then and there and went back a week later to have the stitches out and hear the results. I knew going in this was not covered by insurance and the whole thing (tests included) was $785.00, payable at the appointment (charge cards accepted). The tests are covered by health insurance usually (~$680.00) He found I had low feritin and "androgenic alopecia" and prescribed iron pills and said there were 4 options. Minoxidyl (up to 17% - he started me on 7%), spirolactone pills or cream, or melatonin. I said I hoped something would work and he had no doubts - said IT WILL. So, 3 weeks into treatment I just had my hair colored by the woman who has been doing my hair for > 2 years and she instantly noticed a big improvement already! I had hoped for something in a few months or so - it's healthier, fuller already. I am SO PLEASED and relieved. I cannot reccommend this guy highly enough!!!
  5. Kirsten

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    Saw him today

    I had my first appointment with Dr. Feignberg today. He was incredibly nice and he really wanted to help me in every way. He understood the emotional toll this has taken on me and was very reassuring. He performed a biopsy and ordered some blood work to be done. I am very hopeful this Dr. Will help me!
  6. dershgirl

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    question for justbreathe

    Justbreathe - I just rencently saw Dr. Feinbery and I agree he is amazing!!

    I was just wondering which treatment option did you start? I am not sure which one I should start or is the best.

    Also - how are the results looking now? I see your last post was from April. Are you still seeing good results??

    Thanks in advance :)!!
  7. rose3408

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    To: WalkyTalky2

    Hello: Can you tell me which iron supplement the Dr perscribed? There are so many, from Rx to over-the-counter. Thanks
  8. akhair1

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    dershgirl - I just met with Dr.Feinberg and was wondering which treatment option you choose. Also, could you let me know how the results were?

  9. akhair1

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    Could someone provide an update on their results? I am considering starting with the 7% Minoxidyl treatment, but I wanted to know if anyone had success with it or if it worsened their hair loss.

  10. walkytalky2

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    Hi. He prescribed Solgar Chelated 25mg 1/day. I took them for a little over a year and my iron went from 40 to 60!! So he took me off them. He really knows what he's doing!!
  11. walkytalky2

    walkytalky2 New Member

    Hello. I started on 7% Minoxidyl and he said there might be some initial extra hair loss but that is what happens when new healthy hair starts coming in and some of the thinner hair comes out (or something like that.). And that is what happened - the first week or two there was a little more hair on the comb after washing, but then that reduced and I did see results!!
  12. akhair1

    akhair1 New Member

    Thanks for the Details walkytalky2.

    Was your progress stable over the last 2 years?
  13. walkytalky2

    walkytalky2 New Member

    Yes! My progress has been stable and the results have continued to improve over time. I am very happy with him!
  14. akhair1

    akhair1 New Member

    Thanks Walkytalky2
  15. questioning

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    Why melatonin?? Did you do the pills or the cream of Spirolactone ? I was offered aldactone , are these similar? Are you post menopausal? I also have had minimal growth with the rogaine 5 percent in the last year and am scrambling/ Feedback appreciated!! I could go to Chicago, its only a 5 hour drive! ..
  16. walkytalky2

    walkytalky2 New Member

    I d
    o not know why melatonin and do not know anything about aldactone. There are terrific questions for Dr. Feinberg. He will give you all the info a nd options. I recommend you make the drive! Good luck!