Has anyone tried emu oil products?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by sunnEe, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. sunnEe

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    It seems that my hair loss stems from inflammation. I have been looking into anti-inflammatory treatments for my whole body and scalp. I have awful burning and itching. Still have increased graying followed by now almost immediate (within 24-48 hours) hair loss. Still can't figure that out.

    Has anyone tried emu oil products or products rich in omega 3's? Emu oil is touted as a great anti-inflammatory and for DNA repair and collagen production.

    Apparently, the best emu oil is from free-range, foraging birds and is processed at low temperatures.

    JEANNERN1 New Member

    Hi sunnEe, this reply is almost a year later than your post, but I use Emu oil! I dilute it in a spray bottle; love it
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    I use emu oil on occasion. I believe it must be good, however I only have a tiny bottle and it was very expensive. I have read that it works just as good as other oils like castor and coconut. I think oils in general are good for scalp health, which in turn is good for hair health.