Has anyone tried Topical Spiro

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    I am wondering if anyone here has tried the topical version of Spiro?

    I cannot take the oral form due to low BP, so I had the Dermo call me in a
    componded topical version from a well respected compounding pharmacy up east ( someone at Dr. Lee's office told me about them, although I have not seem Dr. Lee personally, his staff was very nice when I called)

    So, I am wondering if anyone has any experience/knowledge, or even word of mouth "tales" about how bad the dredd shed might be with this

    We all know that any new treatment for HL can cause add'tional loss "up front", but I have not been able to find any real info about what to expect with the topical Spiro ( unlike Minox, were we all know that you might experience a decent shed)

    I'm not new to HL, I've had problems with it for over 12 yrs ( off and on)
    but I am new to AGA--due to perimenopause/slight cause of insulin resistance( very slight Glucouse only raised to 105) ans some slightly elevated Testostrone due to both problems ( 46 out of a range of 18-100)

    Thanks alot for whatever you might be able to sahre with me
  2. yarnspinner

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    Hi, Dawn;

    It's my understanding that the topical spiro is primarily used by men because they can't take spiro in pill form. Perhaps you could ask on The Bald Truth forum.

    The only thing I've heard about the topical spiro is that it has a terrible odor that turned a lot of people off of continuing with it.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  3. DawnB

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    Thanks, Yarnspinner for your reply

    I have already had it compounded at a Pharmacy up east ( I live in Texas)
    and she did a great job of getting the smell out of it--actually smells quite nice

    I could not get logged on to The bald truth website, and have sent a e-message to the Moderaters--haven't heard anything back, and still cannot log in sucessfully

    Went over to another men's HL site and got several replies regarding the Topical Spiro...

    Doesn't seem to cause much, if any intial shedding, since it is a DHT blocker, not a growth stimulator

    Popular with bodybuilders who "cycle" T--when this is going on--they use the Topical Spiro--with decent results

    Quite a few women cannot handle the sides with oral Spiro, so they use this with good to fair results--but as with the oral form, it can take 6-12 mo's to see results, although some have stated their sheds slowed down after 6 weeks or so ( what was their shed prior to Topical Spiro--I have no idea, as I am somewhat stumped about people getting too concerned about a shed of 30-50 hairs daily--you need to shed some hair for regrowth and if not, either your hair is all on the same growth cycle due to a growth stimulator like Minox, or your metabolic rate is low for some reason, in which case you might not be regrowing the lost hairs)
  4. DawnB

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    Never got any replies over at The Bald Truth site

    I posted a query about Topical Spiro over at the Bald Truth form

    Although I have had over 90+ viewings, no one replied to me

    I have had that before on that Forum, is it that they "prefer" that the ladies come over here to post their queries??

    Most gals don't use Topical Spiro--so who am I to ask, but the men who are known to use it?

    I am somewhat surprised by it all--as I would "think" that anyone who suffered HL would want to help another who also suffers................

    Maybe I live on another planet--who knows.........
  5. yarnspinner

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    I'm not sure what the problem could be. Strange.

    I know that I've taken oral Spiro for almost a year now, with very few side effects, but then I am post menopausal and on HRT. About the only side effect I noticed with the oral Spiro is that I get dry eyes and crave salt. Both of which I can live with.

    Maybe someone will eventually respond to your query on the topical spiro. You could try doing a search on google regarding "topical spiro side effects" and see if any other discussions pop up. That's about all I can think to suggest.
  6. seashore

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    Any results with topical spiro?

    I read this thread and others concerning the efficacy of spiro. I'm losing hair right and left. Although it's been less than a year since I first noticed something, I have very little hair left. I'm willing to try anything to get a little hair back. Spiro has had some success, and I was interested in trying it. However, I have low blood pressure - 100-110/70 and it looks like I'd have to go with the topical.

    Have you gotten any results with using topical Spiro? Any side effects. Has anyone responded to your queries?
  7. DawnB

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    No, more women use the oral Spiro, I guess

    I have been using the topical for about 4 mo's and I cannot say I have had any improvements with it, although the itching is much better when I use it, so that is a plus-1!!

    As for as low BP and oral Spiro--I hear ya, as I have lower BP also

    What you might be able to do ( and this is currently what I am doing) is start out with the smallest dose of Spiro...which is 25 mg, and try to work your way up slowly..................

    I have found several gals who suffer from PCOS ( some of the toughest HL to contend with) or Insulin Resistance that have "NOT" had to go up to 100-200mg to get some relief from AGA induced shedding
  8. harmoni

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    It's been a while for this thread and I want to see if anyone has had success with topical spironolactone. I tried the oral for 2.5 weeks. Amazingly it made a difference at 25mg - less shedding and less oily. But I cannot take it anymore - it was giving me bladder problems and that's harder to deal with. I am going to ask the dermatologist for it but wonder if anyone has had success. Please share. Thank you!
  9. uli

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    topical spiro

    hi everyone.

    I only stayed with topical spiro for about 1.5months.
    It started causing very bad itching on the scalp and even some red itchy bumps. I am STILL fighting against itchy scalp now, 6 months later!
    Couldn't stay long enough to see if it actually works, but at least you should know possible side effects.
  10. SadKitty

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    I am using it now, but...

    I am in my 2nd week of using it, along with many other products. I decided to hit this problem from all directions at once, and I'm afraid this was a mistake...I'll never know what worked, if anything. And the shedding, I'll never know what causes it, if/when it happens.

    I will respond to anyone who asks me a question - we are all in this together. It's a forum, and it makes me sad to see how many questions and stories with no replies.

    I realize this is my first day, and I have to say this is the best, most active, and bravest group I have visited. You do tell your stories and show your photos and I'm very glad to have found you.

    I have been running around here for a few hours now, and haven't found a thread where people post what their regimen is (or routine) for using hairloss treatments. I find it difficult to know when to use what, and how long to wait before I apply a second medication.

    I have AGA, thinning for a few decades and now suddenly quite noticeable. If I don't get this under control, I'll be using toppers in 5 years, I imagine.

    I'm looking for a place to post my regimen, or should I just start a thread for it?
  11. Tiny

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    hi, I haven't started using anything yet except a product through my local salon, its a cellagen follicle booster through therapro for women spray, been using that for 3 years now but not getting very great results. I will be seeing my doctor this Friday to see if any of my hair issues are hormones, etc. Then I'm going to request a visit to a derm to see what kind of hairloss I have but I think it will be like you, I have general thinning everywhere except the back of my head, that looks so healthy, my sides and crown are not doing as well. I was going to ask them about spiro. also. What other kind of treatments are you using? I'm sure they will tell me to get on the minoxidil, but we will see, keep everyone posted on your progress, I also see alot of people don't keep up with their progress or reply which alot of us are curious about. Good luck with your progress. Tiny
  12. harmoni

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    Have you tried spironolactone?

    I haven't been on the site for a couple of months due to some other health issues that came up. We are all in this together, here to support one another. Keep up the questions. I'm sure some one in this knowledgeable group would be able to help.
  13. Dotty

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    I have used topical spironolactone for about 3 years, alongside minoxidil. I have had very good results, I can now stand under lights and not worry that people can see my scalp. I have had thinning hair since I was 17, used minoxidil from about 27 years on, added topical spironolactone just 3 years ago. I was getting this from Dr Lee's site "minoxidil.com" but he has now been shut down by the FDA who say he is selling illegal drugs. I have found another source online, but worry that they too will be shut down.
  14. Sandra

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    topical spiro

    I just started using a product by jan marini. It has spironolactone and retinol and my dermatologist recommended it. Can't say if it works yet, but I have my fingers crossed.
  15. Sukhi

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    Hi Ladies.

    I have been suffering from HL since my teens. I am 32 now have two little girls and have just recently decided I was going to try Rogaine foam. I currently have a topper but want the freedom of not having to worry that people will notice I am wearing a hair piece. Anyhow, it's day 2. I had a massive, pounding headache yesterday but feeling good today. Not sure if there is a connection. I do plan to diarize my progress with pictures.

    Hope you ladies have success with your treatment options :) I have read horror stories about those on Rogaine foam and the bad shedd that followed. But I plan to stick with it and hopefully have positive results.
  16. DawnB

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    Follow-up from OP

    Hi All,

    I am the original poster of this thread---stopped looking awhile ago due to no interest, glad to see more people are interested

    I "think" that the topical Spiro helps, although I cannot answer that w/100% certainty--why? Because I've tried quite a few things that did and did not help

    Buckle your seatbelts--it's a long ride...........

    Low FE--after 9 mo's time my FE levels would not improve enough ( considering that I was on 325mg FE tabs x 3 daily w/Vit C and L-Lysine-1K) that I had a IV of FE--brought levels up and have been able to keep FE levels steady...no reall slowing of HL--and I waited 9 mo's to come to that conclusion

    Tin Peptides---these do help and don't tend to cause a shed like the Copper Pepetides do--I mix these in w/my 5% Minox and use the straight ( 5% alone) one day, and the Tin Peptide and Minox mix on the alternating nights---see www.skinbiology.com for more details

    Ell Cranell Alpha--German OTC product that contain 17 Beta Estradiol (E2) I alternate this w/Spiro topical---stops the itch---sometimes the constant use of Spiro can cause itching--I get it over there when home, don't know how you can get it here right now,though.....

    PRP--in Florida w/Dr. Greco---helped alot the first time, then it seemed to cause a bit of a dred shed the next two times ( I've had it 3 times in 18 mo's) Unlike the Admin. that posts about it on this site--I had the same formulation all 3 times and have "no idea" why it only lessened the shedding once, the other times it sped it up and it took about 3 mo's to slow back down--not worth it for me--since I do "grow hair" it just keeps on shedding---I even pass the Dermatologist "pull test" to this day!

    Progesterone--I did not like using this alone--worsen my shed and had to go to the mat w/my GYN to get her to look at E levels--which were low (Da!) so when I added the BiEST--things started to slow down abit---so this was the biggest help--the BiEst---Hate Progesterone, but still have the Goods ( utereus) so I have to use it. Gained some weight on both P and E which doesn't want to "leave me" ( junk in the trunk) so not so happy about that!!

    Insulin resistance( I had NO HL w/Insulin resistance...just when I started the darn treatment)--That Darn Metformin started this whole mess w/HL and I was off of it for about 8 mo's but had to gradually go back on it---Thankfully Glumetza does cause the massive HL for me that the Met XR did----I also use 1cc B-12 shot weekly because Met can deplete B12 levels--Of course my diet is pretty near perfect now,( Bor-ing) and I exercise daily---Oh my this sounds like a Geritiol ad......

    Speaking of Vitamins.....

    I have always taken quite a few vitamins---if you nudge me, I rattle-LOL!
    and follow the Life Extension protocal--good stuff but my 1st car payment was less, I'm sure--but I've taken it for yrs--it covers all the bases, the Omegas, CQ10, the works

    MSM--Helps, BioSil,Collegen Tabs--helps hair and my bones ( a wee bit of artho left over from Lyme Disease many moons ago)

    After 18+ mo's my hairloss had slowed down to about 80 hairs daily--not too bad, but just recently my thyroid levels were checked and a bit low--they upper the med just a tiny bit and the shedding went back up to about 100-110 or so daily--it isn't uncommon for more hair to shed when you up a thyroid dose (for a few weeks) so we shall see.....

    It's been quite the "DRAMA" this HL journey, and has caused me some sleepiless nights spent looking for answers--and an interesting thing happened......be it thyroid disease, Insulin resistance, or what have you, there are sooo many people looking for answers to diseases/conditions other than HL---the medical profession just might be failing us, most likely based on the fact that "Big PHarma" seems to only research issues that will make them millions

    Well, you think HL would be one of those with the potential for millions, wouldn't you?

    Thanks for reading this, and following up on this original post, Y'all--I wonder why I wasn't notified about new postings to it--as I have been in the past

    Hugs to all of us together in the "Hair Loss Wars":D:D:D
  17. Dotty

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    I was not able to purchase dr lees topical spiro (he was closed down by FDA). I have used S5 cream for 3 months, lots of shedding with some minaturisation. Anyone else w this experience? I bought some Spiro from nz, was thinking about adding this to the S5 to increase the dose. I feel desperate: I have had 3 years of looking normal, not having folk stare at my forehead, being able to swim, stand under lights, go for a walk in the wind. It is very hard for me to let this go! I cannot find a derm who will prescribe Spiro for topical use.
  18. MichelleE

    MichelleE New Member

    Hey Dotty, I had a similar experience with S5 cream, but I only used it a few times. My scalp got really itchy, then I lost a lot of hair. It was awful. I haven't touched it again. I did email ************.com, but they never got back to me, which to me speaks volumes of their company.
  19. Dotty

    Dotty New Member

    Topical Spironolactone

    I also get a very itchy scalp, but I find that Head and Shoulders works really well to help control it. I do treat myself to a good conditioner after all that! I had such success with it in the past, I really want to pursue the topical Sprio some more.
  20. DawnB

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    I used the S5 before I had the topical Spiro compounded by Murray Ave Apothacary in Pittsburg--you will need a doctor to write a script out for you and fax or send to the Pharmacy

    Topical Spiro can smell like rotten eggs if not compounded with a scent to cover the smell--the Pharmacy mixes a scent called "Shower fresh" into the formula and I never smell any sulfur type smell, even when working out ( and sweating)

    I never had problems w/the S5, but the method of application was messier than the Topical Spiro that I now use ( applies w/a dropper much like Rogaine) I have no itching from the product,either

    It was someone from Dr.Lee's office 2 yrs ago that recommended this pharmacy to me since I was unable to travel to Lee's office at the time

    BTW, the Pharmacist/owners' name is Susan Mennenstein