Has anyone tried Topical Spiro

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    Topical Spiro

    Fleur de lis, thank you very much for this information. Does anyone know how Dr Lee's products were deemed to be illegal drugs, but we could still (if we know how) get the same thing prescribed by a local doctor, then compounded? None of this makes any sense to me.

    I found a local compounding pharmacist (Pharmaca) and finally a dermatologist who thinks she will prescribe the Spiro for me; do the compounding pharmacists all share information with each other, or is it company secret how they fit things together?

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    About the Dr. Lee situation--it is possible (I am just suggesting, have no real knowledge of the legal realities) that his formulations were somehow too "out of the box" per USP Pharmacopia? It's just a thought......

    I don't know if all compounding Pharmacist speak with each other--but some are better at one type of treatment than another ( think of compounding pharmacies that specialize in BHRT, for example) I don't think that compounding Topical Spiro is brain surgery( maybe Rocket science--LOL!)--but it is a tough one to get the sulfur like smell out of the compounded product

    Not all Pharmacist are compounders--that's another specialized program, but speak with the compounder that you are familiar with and see what they have to say about getting the topical Spiro to not "stink" too much

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    I am near Pittsburgh and was so happy to find your post on the pharmacy. My big question is did you have a shed when you started the topical spiro?