Has anyone tried Viviscal?

Discussion in 'Open Topic (General)' started by CFly, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. CFly

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    My hairdresser said she has clients who have used Viviscal, and she saw improvement in them. Has anyone tried it? I know it is expensive. It also says that it can cause initial hair loss--YIKES! But I would like to hear some first-hand information. Anyone know about it? Thanks!
  2. kawawa

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    I know two women who have tried it and they had some success. Just don't mix it with lots of other stuff. One or two things at a time.

    I am way past that and wear a topper now.
  3. CFly

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    Hi Kawawa!

    Thanks for the info about Viviscal. I'm using rogaine now, but the heavy shedding that I've been going through has been while using it!

    I've just joined this site and I'm learning more about toppers. What's it like to wear one? Are they comfortable? How expensive are they? I'm so new at all this.

  4. MelissaMC

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    I tried viviscal a few months ago. Yes, it is pretty expensive! The box instructs you to take two a day, but I took one, partially to keep the cost down. What I initially noticed was that my hair got kind of ....oily, I guess, would be the best way to describe it. That went away after a week or so. But.....my shed went way up. I'm on Rogaine 2%, and still shed everyday, so any extra shedding...and this was like double my usual....made me not want to continue using it. No one told me about the initial shed, or I might have continued using it. But, thats my experience with it. I hope that helps.

  5. CFly

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    Thanks so much, MelissaMC! Knowing your experience is very helpful.

    Who knows how long the initial shed would have lasted?! I'm sure I would have done the same thing as you, and stopped taking it. At this point, any shed is bad shed!

    Wishing you less shedding and more regrowth!:)

  6. hennared

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    Hi -

    I began shedding in March/April 08, and it was non stop bad... (I counted 100 hairs just in the morning alone nearly every day.. meaning, I actually -counted- nearly every day, I sure shed every day!). I lost 45% of my ponytail. It got especially bad (scalp showing) at my crown last summer when I got a brief case of food poisoning. This August while getting over the food poisoning, I started Viviscal. I also, shortly afterwards, started taking Iodoral (an iodine supplement). Yes, my hair got oily at first, no big deal (it was too dry anyway). NO extra shedding - and beleive me, I am a fanatic and would have noticed! In early November, my shed dropped a lot - now, most days I shed about 20 in the morning.. big improvement for me. So far, still mostly low shed days, the worst days are ~50. So, I think Viviscal or the Iodoral or the combination is helping me.. or I just got lucky, but I'm sticking with the Viviscal for now, since I have had no bad side effects. And since I -stopped- taking the myriad of other supplements I've tried, it's not that expensive! Also, it has lots of Vitamin C, which can't hurt. My 2 cents!