Has anyone used Farrell Hair?

Discussion in 'Wigs and Toppers' started by tinastar, Dec 16, 2013.

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    Hi everyone

    I am on the verge of diving straight into getting a bonded hair system from Farrell Hair. I haven't used any wigs or toppers before, I just use Toppik and Fullmore spray to cover thin spots. I did try minoxidil last year and that gave me heart palpitations(!), so I'm not going there again.

    Im 32 and have had thinning hair for years. My hairline is now being affected - it seems every week its getting worse. Therefore I need something that will fix this to look natural. I am an actress by trade too so Im keen on something that looks as natural as possible under lights and scrutiny - something clipped in just wont cut it for this.

    Farrell Hair seem really natural, though I haven't read much about them on this site. Has anyone used them? I am based in Australia and had had a meeting with Farrell which went well, though I have only seen photos on their website and nothing in person.

    Im not too fussed about shaving if it means getting a great natural result. Please let me know if you use Farrell Hair or something else that is as good if not better.

    Thanks so much ladies!
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    Hi Tinastar,
    I have been bonding for years but never used Farrell, however I have heard some things about them on another site. You can take it for what it's worth because I don't know if it's accurate or not but many, many of them say that they are overpriced and the service is horrible once they get you hooked in. However they are supposed to have good quality hair which is important.
    If there is some way that you could get your first couple of hair systems from them but not get hooked into a long term contract, I would probably tell you to go ahead and then once you learn how to bond it yourself by watching them, then go over to hairdirect.com and start ordering your own customized system. That's who I use and I am a big fan. I am in no way affiliated with them, just a very happy customer. You can really learn a lot about bonding by going on their site. I learned so much from reading the posts and watching the different videos. It's very educational.
    You can probably find the posts regarding Farrell on HD's website by going into the community, then Community Home where there is a search button and you can enter the word Farrell to get all related posts.
    Good luck, I think you will love your new bonded hair. It's liberating!
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    Hi SuzieQ2
    Thank you so much for the info - I have had a look at the forum on the Hair Direct site and there are load of comments about Farrell that are opening my eyes to the reality of how long systems like that would last along with the costs involved.
    Im thinking of looking into wigs just for a few months until I get my head around bonding - so many things to consider and more research to be done!
    Do you bond your hairline at all? This is my biggest concern with making sure the system is very realistic - and it seems the finest and most fragile systems are best for this, so working out how often they would need replacing is hard, but I guess you don't know until you start experimenting!
    Thanks again for the support - so good to connect with ladies going through this.