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    Hi Ladies, (and guys)
    I have been a well known member of Spencer Kobren's 'Bald Truth Talk' website/forum as well as a semi-regular call-in friend on Spencer's 'The Bald Truth Live" Show .
    I have been at times very active on the Forum for the purpose of trying to help advise other hairloss sufferers as far as TODAY'S possitive treatments are concerned as well as knowing to stay positive.
    Depression and STRESS can and is very hurtful to all of us and stress will more than likely cause much more hairloss!!
    Of course, originally I had joined Spencer's Forum in order to learn about possible hairloss treatments for myself.
    I then began to start caring for others on the forum as well.
    If there is anything that I can do to help here, Ill certainly try my best!!
    Cheers to everyone!!!
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    Hi. Thank you. Have you ever heard anything over there about natural progesterone being used to treat hair loss? My naturopathic doctor wants me to switch off the pill and use natural progesterone instead. I asked my dermatologist and OBGYN about it and they said to stay on the pill. The dermatologist cautioned that progesterone can be converted by the body into testosterone and cause your hair to fall out even more. I'm so confused because the naturopath swears this is not true. I have read both things online. That it can help and that it can cause hair loss.
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    Hi Petey3!
    I have not really known about natural progesterone for hairloss either.
    Im starting to look it up now.
    Here is just one link of many sites speaking of it.

    I do know about Biotin at 5000 mcg, which is a B- vitamin complex.
    It does HELP many in improving ones hair loss/growth.
    Many many Doctors RECOMMEND its use along with whatever hairloss treatments being taken/used.
    Well known hairloss treatment doctor, Dr. Carlos Wesley
    (who is involved in creating an innovative and a new form of hair transplantation )
    really advises patients to also use Biotin .
    Back to natural progesterone , I cant wait to learn more about this topic,,thanks Petey3.