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    Hi I am new here and hoped that someone can help me. I have read posts at this site for about a year but never posted my own story. I admire everyone on here that can share their stories and information with others.
    First of all I am 38 and to be honest don't really know for sure when my hair started to become thin. I remember once looking in my rearview mirror at a time that I had a sunroof and I was instantly shocked to be able to see scalp!! Why had I not noticed before I have no idea. My hair always would shed a lot but I thought it was normal. When I was in college I noticed that my hair was seeming to lose body and then started realizing that it was shedding in large amounts. The texture was also changing and it was much softer than before. When I was about 23 and out of school was when I started taking it all seriously. That was when it seemed to be way more than normal shedding. I tried a few things, a few new shampoos, etc. There were periods when it seemed to be not so bad so I tried to deny or ignore it. Fast forward to around 30 and trying to get a doctor to finally give me a hypothyroid diagnosis. Finally after second round of tests they said that I needed to be on synthroid. After a month or so it seemed to help somewhat but not so much. I was feeling better but my hair kept shedding. Also I must mention in the meantime that I am a chronic dieter and had lost about 60 pounds in college which I have maintained give or take a few pounds by working out/calorie restriction. Which I know isn't helping given that I am not a big meat eater, esp read meats. I am a nutritionist and not the best at following my own advice!! I got married about a year after starting synthroid and I just remember begging God to let me keep what I have for my wedding day!! To make this long story short....I then at the age of 35 had a child and had the thickest hair I have had since my mid twenties. I did not start shedding until about a year after he was born. I thought for sure I was going to keep my newly thick hair but no luck. Since his birth it has been three years and my hair is thinner than it was before. I am right now on synthroid .88 and taking prescription Vit D every other week, Ferrex 150 forte plus (1-2 daily depending on my stomach) for a serum ferritin of 20 and occasional other various vitamins on my own. I have taken the iron for about 10 months and it has not really increased. I also have IBS. My sister has very thick hair and she is 4 years older than me. It has thinned through the years but she does not lose hairs daily like I do. I lose anywhere in the range of 40-75 or more while washing, combing out, drying my hair. Any time I have been to my endo or another doc they just give me the same generic response. Although my endo is better at tests, etc that I request. What is the best tests for her to check as far as male/female hormones?? I think she is my only hope as she has been somewhat open in looking into other possible causes. But I have to be the one to initiate the tests, etc. I also think I am in peri-menopause. And also want to mention that I have noticed more chin hairs growing since the last 2 years or so if that gives any more clues as to what is going on. My gyno gave me progesterone but with what I read here I am afraid that it will hurt more than help so I never started it I also was on ortho tricyclen (not sure if it was lo or not) around 26 years of age for a few years. Right now I have no idea what direction to go or what else to do as far as iron, etc that has worked for others. Thanks for reading and hope this makes sense!! I appreciate any advice!! Also want to include that when my hair is wet the best way to describe the way it feels is "doll hair", like plastic-y feeling if that is a word!!