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    Hello everyone
    I'm so glad that I came across this support group. I wish everyone great success in combatting hair loss. Reading all the stories has made me cry, made me happy, made me sad and I feel that I need to share my story because I feel so alone. I'm crying as I type this because I don't know what to do or what to expect in the years to come and all I have is the support from this group. It's only those you have experienced such hair loss issues that really understand.

    I have always had such beautiful thick hair even when I began my period at age 11. It was always there and never in a million years did I think that I would lose this gorgeous head of hair or that slowly losing my hair would cause such pyschological and emotional trauma.

    I think that the death of my paternal grandmother most likely kickstarted my rapid hairfall. She was my everything and had died of leukaemia. At age 15, I began losing my hair. My hair would fall all the time, appearing on my clothes, on the floor...everywhere...even worse when I washed it. I cannot recall every having stopped the hairfall and as far as I can remember, my hair loss never truly stopped all the way throughout my teen years.

    I had assumed it was telegon effulium, caused by the death of my grandmother but the hairfall continued.I had, at age 18, discovered a lump in my left breast and cancer was ruled out as it was a fibroid and completely harmless. But my hair continued to fall. I assumed it was my shampoo and conditioner or colouring my hair, I even believed it was straightening my hair. But still my hair continued to fall and gradually got thinner. I went in for surgery in February 2013 to remove the fibroids and my health was back on track. But alas, I still battled with hairfall.

    In May 2013, I was in the process of purchasing my first home but it was stressful dealing with the bank for a home loan and as usual my hair continued to fall. I came to terms with the fact that it was probably not in my favour or in the hands of God for me to buy a house now. So I let that go.

    In June 2013, I had had enough of the ongoing hairfall and went for a blood test as recommended by my GP. The results proved I had a clean bill of health and just a Vitamin D defiency which I was prescribed Vitamin D pills to take for the rest of my life. And you guessed it, hairfall still continued, despite taking the meds dilligently.

    I was then referred to a female dermatologist who I saw on the 11 June 2014 and she prescibed 5% Minoxidil for me to try to curb hair loss. I tried it less than a month and discontinued using it as it made my hair fall in clumps in the shower, not that this was unusual for me...washing my hair and finding it clogging the drain.

    Before visiting my dermatogist, I had actually stopped experiencing hair loss for a good whole month by actually using Protein Feed shampoo. The only time my hair would fall was when I straightened it. I'm not sure if Protein Feed shampoo had managed to sort my hair fall but I am continuing to use it and judge from there.

    I have re-scheduled my appointment with my dermatologist for the 8 July 2014 and I hope this time round that she actually does a proper evaluation on me. If not, I shall request she do just that. She stated that my hairfall is hormonal and suggested I go on Dianette to stop hair loss and re-grow my hair. I am anti-pill and refuse to go the route of BCP as I want to have kids and the thought of messing with my hormones is scary.

    I am on Inofolic, as initially prescribed by the dermatlogist that I am still using. But I don't know if I have chronic telogen effulium or Androgenic Alopecia. My hair has thinking considerably on the sides of my head, on my crown and my center parting has widened that you can actually see my scalp. I strongly believe that soon I will start to lose all my hair and then have to sport a wig at my current age of 25.

    In terms of family history, my mom has hair loss associated with menopause but there is no baldness in my family. My two younger sisters have gorgeous think hair that I am envious of and I wish that I could have hair just as beautiful as theirs but all I have is thinning hair.

    I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love with all my heart and we're planning to get engaged and marry in a few years and start a family. I love kids and having a family with the man of my dreams is all that I want.

    But I can't seem to talk about my hairloss with him even though he can clearly see how thin and how bald I've become. I know he will love me despite me losing all my hair but I can't help but think that one day he will realise that I am some bald girl that he can't be with because my baldness will embarass him.

    I don't want to be a bald bride and mom. It sounds so vain but I never pictured my life heading in this direction. All I want is thick hair and to stop crying over it everyday. I am so depressed and I have nowhere and nobody to turn to.

    Please help me. Please help me save what hair I have left.

    I don't want to go on BCP, my heart and my gut instincts are screaming out NO! I have no idea how BCP will affect my hair growth or whether my thick hair, created from using BCP, will fall out during the dread shed even if I wean myself off the pill. I just don't know what to do.
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    Hello Samaire! Needless to say, all of us here perfectly understand you and you couldn't find a more supportive environment. Like you, I am the only woman in my family with this problem. My mother and my sister have gorgeous thick hair and I envy them every day. In my case, I have been dealing with hair loss since i was 18 years old even though it's more thinning than shedding. The only two times that I had a big shed was when my hair loss began and after discontinuing minoxidil. Other than that only seasonal shedding. I am now 34 and believe it or not, still have enough hair to go out in the street without a wig even though i have to camouflage my balding areas with a specific hair do. My diagnostic is androgenetic alopecia and that leaves me with only hormonal treatments and minoxidil. However, a good vitamin supplement for hair always had a bigger impact on my hair than any anti-androgen that i have taken. I know you are afraid to mess with your hormones and I couldn't agree more with you but nevertheless I would first do a complete hormonal and thyroid check up before jumping on any treatment and if everything is normal, you could try some hair vitamins combined with a topical anti-androgen. In my case, the best vitamins so far were the inneov densiology capsules, which I am currently taking to help me go through the next months since I discontinued birth control pill a month ago. So far they have been working fine. I am still looking for a good topical treatment since I develop alergies to most of them but if you don't have that problem, there are quite good ones out there, such as the Alpecin lotion. Be patient with any treatment, unless you have a problem, always give it 4 to 6 months before taking any conclusion. Keep looking for what works for you and your hair will get better. I tell you this because I have been through so many ups and downs with my hair, from almost bald to a head full of hair, over and over again. In the end, there is always the option of hair pieces/wigs of great quality if nothing else works for us :)

    Don't give up!


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    Thank you Ana for your kind words. They really made me feel better...well for the moment before the depression kicked in again. Such is the nature of the beast- Hair Loss. I sometimes read through all the posts and it makes me feel sad, hopeful, a bit happy, supportive, empathetic but it is an everyday battle. I feel though that I am losing this hair battle though. My hair had miraculously stopped falling for at least a month or two (I can't recall this accurately though) but I was amazed at not having hair fall out in the shower or appearing on my clothes or at most 10-15 strands while blowdrying and straightening. It was the greatest feeling ever. But because I have been dealing with hair loss for almost 10 years, I chalked this up to a 'cruel joke' from the Universe. And went off to see a dermatologist (a referral from my GP). She was somewhat unpleasant, just examined my head and scalp, looked through my blood work and never gave me a proper diagnosis. She did say that I have female pattern hairloss and that it is hormone-related and I should consider going on birth control pills such as dianette. I told her my fears of going on BCP and she told me to try minoxidil as it should stop the hair loss and encourage re-growth. I had never done any research whatsoever on hair loss and expected the dermatologist to tell me what was wrong with my body. I had even explained that my hair had miraculously stopped falling for a while and all she did was smile and hand me the minoxidil and said to come see her after two months. As soon as I began treatment with Minoxidil, my hair began falling again, it started to freak me out! But I still continued with treatment. I researched about Minoxidil and found that you'll know it's working once you start shedding some haor to make room for new hair. Hence I continued.

    My research continued on hair loss and I self-diagnosed myself with Androgenic Alopecia. Bit horrified about having to be on Minoxidil forever scared me so I took myself off it after using it for almost three weeks for the following reasons:
    1. Deathly scared on being on this treatment for life.
    2. It was making my hair loss start all over again.
    3. My centre parting had widened and my hair had thinned considerably while using it.
    4. It left my scalp itchy and flaky.
    5. I had difficulty breathing while on this (this was one of the side effects of the drug).

    I re-scheduled an earlier appointment with her and for the 8 July 2014 and once again, she tried to get me on the pill. Checked my scalp for miniaturisation and never gave me a proper diagnosis instead she sent me off with more multi-vitamin prescriptions and a blood test for Hirsutism (which I don't have) so I am done with her!

    I re-scheduled another appointment with a different dermatologist for the 01 August 2014 and I believe that I will get the same diagnosis. A friend is accompanying me and her support means the world to me. I'm glad that she will be with me because I believe that I'm gonna have a mental breakdown.

    I had surgery in February 2013 and went through a major stressful session in April/May 2013 when purchasing a home and I know that these events can trigger hairfall three months after it has happened. Looking back at my hair fall pattern, it took almost 7 months of intense hair shedding before it miraculously stopped. I'd like to think it was Telogen Effluvium. I had also changed my diet in April 2014 by eating more fiber and avocados and maybe that had led to my hair fall to stop. I had also been taking Vitamin D 400iu (x2 a day) and maybe that caused my hair fall to stop.

    But since going on Minoxidil my hair-fall is back even though I have continued with my high fiber diet. It seems I'm going through the dread shed associated with stopping Minoxidil. Don't know if this will ever end. And I can go back to a blissful time of having no hairfall (for the second time and hopefully permanently).

    I'm hoping this new Dermatologist will be able to help. I'm pinning my hopes on him but I believe that AGA is here to stay and I'm slowly going to go bald and watch myself go mad. There's no coming back from this.

    I'm at the point where I just want to close my eyes at night and never wake up. I've even contemplated suicide but I'm too scared to take my own life and what effect it will have on my family. But as the AGA progresses, I might go through with it and end my life. I have no hope for the future anymore. Wigs and hair pieces are not for me. I just want my own natural hair otherwise I'd just be fooling myself and others with fake hair and that's not me.

    I probably sound stupid, vain etc but I am at the lowest point of my life and there's nowhere from here on out. Others on this site are far more stronger than I am and I am tired of fighting this hair loss battle so I am done.
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    Hi Samaire I just read your post and wanted to check in. I hope things are getting better for you. I saw one Derm and she sucked! Just horrible, told me I have 3 choices, rogaine, spiro or back on BC pills (which going off them coupled with low Vit D is what made me lose it!) I did none of the above but only bc I read peoples posts on here saying how much Derms did not know. I am now birth control free since Jan 2014 and JUST stopped shedding (or maybe just slowed down) about a week ago. Wash days I shed around 100/ non wash about 20- I am happy I didn't take anything and listen to the DR's who seem to know nothing. I do have an appt in Feb with a Derm who specializes in hair loss and am curious to hear what she says, I am hoping by that point my hair is much better off, but I will wait a full year before I talk to anyone else.
    My reason for telling you my story is so you keep hope. Derms/dr/etc really don't know much about hair loss, to be honset I think they feel stupid for not knowing and thats why they try to write a script so quick.... Stay positive and try not to think about it as much- Easier said than done, but it's a crazy worry that does take over your life. Plus stress can add to hair loss- I have good days and bad days.... My good days I am not on this site :) My bad days I am addicted to reading everyones story.....
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    I'm glad to hear that you're doing well considering our hair loss situation but as you mentioned, we all have our good days and our bad days. Thank you for taking the time to check in on me. It means a lot. It makes me feel as if I'm not alone in this hair loss battle.

    I completely understand about how annoyingly clueless some derms can be especially since the first derm I ever went to point blank told me I had androgenic alopecia just by looking at my scalp and my hair loss pattern and sent me off with a prescription for rogaine. She was somewhat pushy with the BC pills Diane 35, I'd rather wear a wig than subject myself with those pills.

    I really do hope your hair loss can be attributed to telogen effluvium and that in time it grows back in and that this derm you're seeing in Feb can correct the situation.

    I've lost quite a bit of hair on the top of my head where you can clearly see my scalp under all types of lighting, I tend to hide it with ponytails and headbands. But my hair loss has stabilised, it's gone back to somewhat normal, I tend to lose more hair when I style my hair now and when I don't wash my hair for at least three days...cue in the itchy scalp and hair loss.

    The last derm I went to said I have telogen effluvium based on the info I provided him. My blood tests came back with a moderate deficiency in Vit D and I have low serum ferritin levels...borderline anaemia so I have been taking 45mg of iron everyday to bring up my levels. I'll go back to test my iron levels in November. Maybe ask for a scalp biopsy.

    So I am hoping....hoping and praying that my hair grows back in quickly and normal.

    I really hope we win this war against hair loss, I pray that we both have hair growth success.
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    I pray every day! It is horrible for any woman to have to go through this.. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. It is cruel. The waiting game and the ZERO control we have is insane, causes crazy anxiety issues!
    It sounds like your are coming out of this nightmare! I hope and pray I am too.
    The Derm I went to told me I brought up too many concerns in our 15 minute appt. Hairloss and skin cancer were my concerns. Geez, thanks Doc! Needless to say I won't be going back to her ever. What a wench! If she only knew how scary it was to go through all of this.
    My hair loss is pretty diffuse however I do have a super thin patch behind my bangs and my hair line, its the same spots I shed after having my kids... I think those places along with the top of our head are the thinnest therefore why we can see the scalp much faster?!
    I would NEVER go back on the pill, it's horrible! I had a miscarriage my first pregnancy the month after I went off the pill and now with all that I know I blame the pill.
    I am taking biotin, viviscal and loads of Vit D since my level was a 29. I do think my hormones are leveling off as I finally got a real period this month! Yahoo!! A full 9 months after going off the pill! As I mentioned I think my shed has stopped, it at least decreased a great deal and I haven't had that horrible itchy scalp in about a week or 2.
    I bet your hair loss stops soon if it hasn't already. Once your vitamin levels are up I would imagine it would stop completely. Keep taking them! This waiting game is for the birds but let's stay connected to follow up with each other, we are together in this!