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    Hi all,

    I am 27 and have severe hair loss - I have always had thin hair even as a child and since pubity it has got worse and worse. Since having my children it too has got worse. I once had a quick diagnosis and was told it was female pattern baldness- not surprising as all the men in my family are bald and my mother has very fine hair too.

    6 months ago i could take it no more and went to the Lucinda Ellery consultancy in London where I have had the intralace system applied (mesh attached to the head with real hair extensions attached)...I knew minoxodil etc were a slow route where results are mostly minimal so i went down an alternate route. The results were fantastic - overnight i had thick hair everywhere - downside a bit itchy and difficult to wash, not to mention the expensive cost as it has to be maintained every 6 weeks. A few days ago I went for my realignment where they remove the whole system and wash underneath... well i was mortified- my hair is now even worse with almost complete baldness. I assume it is my female pattern baldness together with the 'mesh' pulling at my real hair that has made the transition so severe and quick. They reapplied the intralace system and you cannot see my 'real' hair underneath but i feel so depressed. I cant stop thinking about my hair and that I will probably have to live with this forever. I keep looking at every other women I see and wishing i had her hair, and keep feeling so sorry for myself and why did i have to be cursed with this. I know there could be worse things in life but i cant help my negativity. Has anyone else been to the Lucinda Ellery consultancy? And how do you ladies live with being a bald women? I feel like it is a black hole that i will never get out of.

    Thanks for listening
    Charlie xx
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    Just wanted to say...

    I feel your pain. Buying a topper or other hair peice, is just around the corner for me and I often wonder if it will make things even worse.