Help please. Can I control the shed?

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    Okay, so I think I am going to take the leap into rogaine. My hair is thinning, not horribly bad yet, but I notice it and I can see it in pictures so I want to get a head start on preventing more loss. My grandmother and great grandmother both have REALLY thin hair and you can see their entire scalp so on top of genetics I also have PCOS and Hypothyroidism. YEAH ME!!

    So I need help deciding if I should start with women's rogaine or go straight to the mens? Also should I only do once a day or twice (I can't see myself remembering to use it twice a day)? If I plan on using it just once a day should I just use the mens? Also if I start with women's once a day and then go up to twice or up to men's will it reduce the shed? Will slowly upping my dose help prevent the dread shed or make it last longer or reoccur? Sorry for all of the questions I just don't know what to do. I am so nervous about starting this because I know it's a life long commitment but I need to bite the bullet before it's gets worse. I'm only 34 and freaking out.
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    Hey ImaPepper. Sorry to hear you are going through this too. I'm in my mid 20s and it's really no fun, especially when you're so young. I have only been using Rogaine for about six months now, but I hope I can help you a bit.

    First, definitely make sure you talk to your doctor/dermatologist/endocrinologist (whoever you are seeing about your hair loss) prior to starting on Rogaine. It's definitely smart to get a jump start, but not all types of hair loss can be helped by Rogaine. Your doctor will also be able to help you with any medical questions you have about starting on this.

    Personally, I started right off with the men's 5% foam. This is what my derm recommended, and I really can't see going back to a liquid. To me it just seems like a pain to apply. I started using it once a day, and now alternate between using it once or twice. My schedule doesn't really allow me to do a morning application, so if I apply twice it's generally once right when I get home and then a second time before bed. My guess would be that the 5% is definitely more effective. I know it says "not for use by women" on the bottle, but from what I understand this is just because that formula hasn't been FDA tested on women yet.

    As for the shed, you'll definitely hear horror stories, but for me overall it wasn't so bad. There were definitely a few days when after showering I would pull out a lot of hair when brushing. It's scary, even if you're already shedding a lot, but for me it didn't last long and didn't contribute to any obvious difference in appearance. As everyone says, this does mean it's working.

    Rogaine's definitely a commitment, but I think it's worth it if it works for you. I checked in with my derm a few weeks ago and she seemed to think there was a pretty big improvement. Personally I'm not sure, but then I think when you're losing hair you get so wrapped up in it you don't see the improvements. The most important thing is to be patient. Hair doesn't grow, and it doesn't get very long, overnight. You don't see immediate results, which is tough when you just want hair.
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    Thanks! I can't afford to see a derm, I don't have insurance. I have hypothyroid, pcos and my grandmother has extremely thin hair, you can see her whole scalp, so it's hereditary. I started the women's liquid and I'm shedding a lot which is scary but at the same time it has given my usually flat lifeless hair lots of body at the roots and a lot of lift so my hair actually looks thicker than normal, well unless it's wet. When it's wet you can really see how thin it is. I think I will switch to the mens foam because the liquid just runs everywhere, I'm scared I am going to have a strip of hair growing down my forehead soon where it always trickles down. I'm just hoping it works, the body it is giving my hair is nice and better than any root lifter I have ever used.