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    Hello all my fellow hairloss sista's.

    This is a very difficult blog for me to write. My neighbours are trying to raise money for their son, he urgently needs medical treatment in the USA. Here is the site i would like you to take a look at -

    These people are the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. When i moved into this house 6 years ago they were the first people i spoke to, they have been there for me in times of need and hardship, all i am trying to do for them is raise as much awareness for them to get their son back to the USA for the best possible treatment they can get. The hospital here doesnt have the technology to treat him, he has now lost the use of one arm and his legs are getting worse by the day. If you read their site it gives you full details of him and their plea.

    I have been sat here all day thinking of ways i could raise awareness for them and the first place i thought of was here, i have asked "Y" for her permission to do this and she has said she will do anything possible to help. I hope you can find it in your hearts to help a family who is absolutely desperate to save their sons life, even if you donate $1. it is a step in the right direction. My husband, Rory, is doing a 100k mountain bike ride in August to raise money also. We are getting posters drawn up to put in local shops etc to raise more money.

    As it is Mothers day, please take time to help this mother save her son.

    Yours, eternally grateful:>

    Lisa xxxxxxxxxxx
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    I hate to bust your bubble

    I am affiliated with MD Anderson in a fundraising capacity. I just checked with them and they do not have a $40,000 up front fee. They have an agreement with Countries such as the UK who offer National Health Insurance. MD Anderson is an international hospital located in Houston Texas and they do not deny medical care. They also work with doctors in the UK to provide the care at no extra charge to the families. The families are responsible for their own transportation cost and living expenses, so maybe this is what this money is for.

    The family should work directly with MD Anderson's international affiliate organization to make sure they are in the right program.
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    Please go to, you will see that this isnt the first time that this family has been to the USA for treatment.

    The family are in constant contact with the doctors at MD Anderson on a daily basis.
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    I will be happy to do anything I can to help this family. Thank you for letting us help!