Help! Success with lasers?

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by JEANNERN1, Jul 23, 2013.


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    Hi, I'm new to your forum, but not new to hair loss. Having struggled with it for many years, I started using Rogaine, but gave up on it when I didn't see any results.

    My hair is so thin, I had to use My Secret spray or fibers to hide my scalp through the fine, thin hair in front and on crown. Then I found micro-points in lieu of the tinted spray. I also use Hair Max laser comb 12. I've been using it religiously, 3X week for past nine months, however can't see any growth, not even peach fuzz :(

    So frustrated, but unwilling to give up, I am now researching other LLLT laser options. Is anyone else using a more powerful laser with any noticeable growth? Please share :)