Help- what do I do first- wigs!

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    I'm a 30 year old woman that has been suffering from hair loss for about 4 years and like many of the women here listened to many doctors tell me it was TE, it would pass, etc. etc. It hasn't, and now I have very noticeable loss at my temples that I'd like to cover. I would like to purchase a wig but don't know where to start.

    I'm in New York City and whenever I do a google search of places to go (I cannot travel outside of the city itself) I get intimated. I would like to purchase a wig and have it cut- though it doesn't have to be at the same place. Follea wigs seem great, but NYC doesn't seem to have a salon that sells them AND cuts them.

    Any advice for a newbie that's quite frankly lost and scared?

    Thank you!
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    I'm in London, but I can totally relate to how you're feeling. First I would look at whether you would like human or synthetic fibres, and then take it from there... but always refer to your friends at the forum :)
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    Maybe check out Hair Direct, who sell and make tailored systems. It might be that a volumizer or integration system will be a better fit for you personally than a wig. They are in the US, but more importantly they will be able to assist you with your purchase as they are hair loss professionals and not just a wig shop. I have never purchased from them myself but often go onto their forums and self help videos for my own systems. I think they do skype consults and such so you wouldn't have to leave your house :) I hope that helps, good luck xx
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    I've just taken this step. I started by researching places that specifically worked with medical hair loss -- not just wig shops for fashion. I had a helpful telephone chat then a private consultation. I ended up getting a partial / topper piece. It's colored and cut to exactly match my hair. I've only had my topper for six days. I'll go back in two weeks to have a lesson in washing and styling it. It was expensive and I'm estimating that in a year, I'll have to get another.
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    That's fantastic news, can I ask how much your toper piece was? How are you finding wearing it? Do you feel transformed. XX
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    It was $1200. Human hair and customized for me... color, cut, clips, etc. My hair loss is scarring alopecia -- probably either lichen planopilaris or maybe even discoid lupus. I'm still getting tested and it's not really clear. (I know I have lichen planus.) Because it's scarring, I have itchiness and sensitivity on my scalp and I can't do any bonded type pieces.

    How do I feel? Well... the day I got it, my husband and I were going to a party. Several people asked if my hair was darker or cut differently... I just said it was a warmer tone and my bangs were different. I was told several times how great I looked. Normally I would have spent a huge amount of time fussing over my hair in order to hide everything and still would have been self-conscious. Now I know that if I'm going someplace, I can pop it on and look nice in just 2 or 3 minutes. That is kind of freeing.
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    Oh, and how am I feeling wearing it? Well, I'm getting used to how exactly I want to position it. The stylist told me that in no time, I'll be an expert and will be able to get it on w/o a mirror. I'm not there yet. :) The clips (I have to use clips, can't bond,) feel tight for a minute, and then I kind of forget them. I do have enough hair that I can just do a headband and some fill-in powder (or toppik) if I'm going to exercise or just hang around home.
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    Can toy share where you got the hair piece from? I am in nyc thanks
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    I'm in Atlanta. I got my hairpiece from a salon in the north part of the suburbs here. I found them via the local hospital cancer center... they specialize in patients with medical hairloss -- lots of patients who lost their hair from chemo, but also plenty of people with alopecia. I wanted to start with a place that would understand the medical reason I needed to wear hair. Good luck.
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    Ty does anyone have recommendations for nyc?
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    You're probably going to think I'm crazy but I got THE BEST WIGS on QVC! Even my best friends couldn't tell, they just thought my hair was looking really good! They are by Luxhair. I got the short shag in a combo of blonde and brown. It is the same as my cut (I did cut the bangs) & same colors... and only $70.00! I'm telling you it's worth checking out! I have strangers always commenting on it and asking where I get my hair done, my stylist has started cutting peoples hair with this cut!
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    You don't say where you're from but if you Google 'wigs with natural part' you'll find many sources.
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    There are several type of hair extensions available at many online stores. You just need to order them. There you will get natural as well as systhetic hair extensions available in all colors, So that you can select an extension matching to your hair color.