Help with first set of lab results! Thanks in advance!

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    I got my first round of blood tests back. Here are the results and the doctor's comments. Since this was my first visit with him, I want to make sure that what he is saying and recommending is truly best for hair loss. I have had a lot of bad experiences with doctors over the years. I put my comment and questions in parentheses. Thanks for your help!

    Your estradiol is 41; most women feel best when it is greater than 50.

    Your progesterone is 0.42; most women feel best when it is greater
    than 2.0.

    Your total testosterone is 21; normal levels are 6-82

    Your free testosterone is 0.14; it should be below 0.1 to help with
    hair loss (This surprised me as I am on spironolactone and Diane 35 so I thought the combination would have this under control! Where do you all try and keep your free testosterone levels to help control hair loss?)

    Your ferritin (iron stores) is 85; it should be 13-300.

    Your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is 0.0; it should be less than 3.5.
    Your free T3 is 4.3; it should be between 1.8-4.6.
    Your free T4 is 1.82; it should be between 0.8-1.8.
    Your thyroid is severely over active: the lower your TSH, the more
    thyroid you have in your body.
    I am going to reduce your Armour thyroid to 90mg.
    Women can often have hair loss if their thyroid is over active.
    (This is the one that I have the most questions/hesitations about. I have had a low TSH for years even thought my T3 and T4 are in the proper range. I was told by my doctor that TSH is low when on Armour but what matters is T3 and T4 levels. I am at the top of the range on both. What do you think? I don't want to lower unless I need to because I know going hypo can cause more hair loss! And even if I was going to lower, would you cut it in half? That seems extreme when the T4 and T3 are in range or close.)

    I will call in a pill that contains estradiol and progesterone.
    Swallow this every night that you are not menstruating.
    Oral estradiol is great for hair and helps to lower free testosterone levels.

    Would you supplement with both estradiol and progesterone. I am 31 and hoping to stop birth control and spironolactone in order to get pregnant. Would I be able to get pregnant on these? Would I ovulate if I am taking it consistently except during my period? Sorry for all the questions...I emailed the Dr as well but am hoping to hear some opinions from people who have been through this too. Thanks!!!!

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    I can't help you much with the test results below, especially as it relates to the thyroid (I know nothing about thyroid problems).

    My understanding is that estrogen fluxuates fairly widely throughout the menstrual cycle but people often have sufficient quantities of it if they are taking an OC or, if not on an OC, are having regular periods... however, estrogen is good for your hair and more of it might benefit you.

    The last time I had my testosterone levels checked, mine was at 0.6 pg/mL and the "normal range" given by the lab was 0.1-6.4. I think with free testosterone the rule of thumb is that lower is better (at least for hair... lowering it too much might kill your libido, which is a major bummer).

    You should definitely not get pregnant while taking spironolactone. There is some risk of abnormal genital development in male fetuses caused by the drug's action of blocking androgens/DHT.

    I would not think it would be likely for you to be able to get pregnant while taking birth control either regularly or continuously. The hormones should suppress ovulation (if they do not they are not working properly). I don't believe you should be taking an OC while pregnant anyway. I can't think that it would be beneficial to a fetus.

    Hope your doctor gives you the info you need. Best of luck.
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    Thanks for your response! I think I was unclear in my question..oops! I was trying to ask if it would be possible to get pregnant while taking the estradiol and progesterone throughout my entire cycle. Doesn't the progesterone suppress ovulation if taken the entire cycle besides during my period? Has anyone taken bioidentical estradiol and progesterone? What days did you take it and how much? And, most importantly, did it help?
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    Hi, I am new here as well, but in reading your post, these are the questions I have.

    Why would they test your hormones while you are on BCP already. How would that give them an accurate picture?

    If you are hyperthyroid, what medication specifically do they want you to take for that? I would ask for the name and then do my own online research as to what it is exactly and what the side effects are. Some thyroid medications list hair loss as a side effect! Yikes!!

    Same thing with the estradiol and progesterone pill, I would ask specifically what the name is and do some research before I would take it.

    Some docs are very quick, almost too quick, to write a prescription and you need to be informed, educated about what exactly they will have you put in your body. Just my humble opinion... good luck finding your answers!