Hi, I'm new.....and balding :)

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    I am MiMi, I am 20 and I have had issues with balding for quite some time. The earliest and longest lasting issue are the bald spots on the edges of my hair that i've had since i was young (11 or 12). I had braids which weakend and pulled out the hair at my edges. This may be hard to explain but I'll try- i have hair around my hairline but right after that i have large bald circles with stray hairs in the middle. I have recently gone natural (black people term for no more relaxers :D) and ever since my hair has undergone strange changes, however I do not believe the hair loss has anything to do with this except for coincidental timing.

    My edges have started to shed hair on there own and the thinning patches are much larger. Also my scalp burns and is sensitive to the touch but the sensititve spots are new and change every day and eventually,within a couple days sometimes, become very noticeably thinner. i can tell by touching my hair. My scalp isn't red or anything but hair loss is noticeable (to me) because my hair is half as thick (all over my head) as it once was. I have ALOT of hair therefore it is not completely visible to others but today my roomate said "Oh my gosh" and showed me i had two small completely bald patches in the back of my head.

    I dont know what this is and I don't know what to do about it. However, I am strangely okay with the thought of not having hair. I think most girls battle with beauty issues as I most definitely have but for some reason I feel alright about this. If i were to not have any hair it may be hard some days but i feel like would be fine and I have already come to terms with the ever lingering possibility of being a bald woman.

    But i would like to know if anyone else had this problem and if it lead to a diagnosis (i do plan to go to the doctor within the next 2 weeks).I also seem to lose the most hair in the shower. It seems my hair gets wet and booom hair comes out. not in clumps but more than what i am used to.
    Feedback and personal situations would be awesome! thanks.
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    allergy test

    Just a thougth, but if you have insurance you may consider having some allergy tests.

    I had allergy test done and since I started taking shots and gave up the things that I am allergic to I have little more hair, less constipation and no heartburn. Who would have thought?

    Good Luck in your journey