highlights help cover thinning hair

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by andiew, May 25, 2011.

  1. andiew

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    one of the best quick fixes, coverup solutions i found was highlights. i just started off with a few in my dark brown hair and they really added dimension and depth. since then i have gone reddish blonde which is even better! the lighter you can go the less contrast between your scalp and hair! i had a consultaion with my stylist beforehand and told her what i wanted to accomplish and she was great! hope this helps someone? i wish i would have known this years ago! :)
  2. Bonfxy

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    Wish I had enough hair to highlight!
  3. andiew

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    sorry...at the rate i'm going i'll be there too :( i just wanted to offer some positive advice to help out someone going threw this...cause it sucks...all stages of hairloss for women totally bites!
  4. Bonfxy

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    No need to say sorry, I was just having a fed up moment and feeling sorry for myself :confused:.

    I think what ever works for anyone is great - for me it is just pinning my very skinny pontytail at the back of my head. I have thought of having it cut short but I think what is left would be too fine and you would definitely see my scalp all the time, I have a thin layer and when I brush it back at least if covers my scalp.

    I hope you manage to keep yours and it improves soon too - hope your having a good day. :) keep smiling!
  5. andiew

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    i think we all have those days :(
    thanx for your kind words:)
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    It true! This girl I work with I can see she has hair loss but she has light hair and even chunkier blonde highlights and it is not as noticeable. If I look close I can see spots (her scalp is pink too) but they blend in with her hair so well. I have dark hair with a white scalp so I couldnt pull it off.
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  9. Reha

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    High Lights is good option, but should give rise to hair fall again.
  10. Julia David

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