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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by NoraBe, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. NoraBe

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    2 days now & be the glory to God, I've only lost about 10 hairs today TOTAL not all at once like when I used to run my fingers through my hair. I think maybe the spiro's finally kicked in.

    It's still a bit early only 2 months into it BUT I'll count this very little shedding as a blessing.

    Keep u all posted!
  2. NoraBe

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    PRaise GOD! Only shedding normally again! No excess! I'm gonna color my hair today! Just waiting for regrowth. Got a ton of baby hairs all over still.

    Went on a Valentines Date with hubby last night & never felt better!
  3. jay

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    great news :) Keep us updated on the progress
  4. NoraBe

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    continued success

    I'm still having good results with the spiro...the shed is down. I did start having some spotting while using this, but I'd take that over losing my hair.
  5. NoraBe

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    Well I started getting flaky and kept forgetting to take a pill here & there, and now my hair is shedding like crazy again! So now I take 2 pills consistently in the mornin 100mg and 1 before bed at 50mg. Let's pray the shedding stops again next month (my own fault:( My hair looks worse than ever!
    But it stopped once and I pray & have faith the shedding will stop again. I do have tons of regrowth though....keep u posted.
  6. NoraBe

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    shed still up

    shed still up it's almost been 6 months on spiro got one more month, but I'm not giving up hope...
  7. Dharma2

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    NoraBe I'm sorry you haven't noticed much improvement. It can be discouraging but it seems that there are a variety of options so don't loose hope.

    I don't know if you can or would choose to use Diane 35 but I am currently having a lot of success with it. I hate that I am on it because of my age, I'm 42. I've been on Diane 35 since January and this past month I've started to notice a lot of improvement. I actually had improvement in the first month too but the regrowth is really picking up now. My scalp was in really bad shape but you wouldn't know I had a problem today. I still have a wider part than I use to but not extreme like before. Nobody stares at my head anymore, lol.

    Anyway I just thought I'd mention this to you. I know it's available in Canada and Europe and often prescribe for hair loss in both countries. It really does work but it has more risk apparently than other BCP. That being said, I have read many women's stories about being on it for 10, 15, 18 years. I figure it buys me sometime to figure out what to do next. One women on this site posted that she too had great success with it and stayed on it until age 46. I don't know what happened once she switched BCP's but Bonnie if you are still on here and read this prehaps you wouldn't mind posting an update. I'd really appreciate hearing your experience.

    I also use 200/mg spiro, daily nizoral 2% shampoo, and Diane 35 continuously.

    There has got to be a solution to hormonal hair loss that's universal. The doctors don't seem to know as much as the women on this site. I think together we are working toward a solution.

    Dharma :>
  8. NoraBe

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    Thanks, I needed to hear that...I think I need to be at a higher dose of spiro (at 150mg) but my dr won't go up. I do think it's about getting at the right dosage for each person, especially like my hair loss is directly linked to taking a progestin only birthcontrol pill. The new dr I went to today (complete moron) said he thought my hairloss to the pill was simply coincidental and I probably just have hair loss for women who do (granted I have NO family history whatsoever) and I was 33 when I started to lose 3/4 my hair in a years time!

    THANK you for listening and letting me vent...feeling like this is consuming me when I should be playing with my 2 year old & 4 year old suppose to be the best times of my life and all I'm thinking is how am I going to explain to ppl when I wear a wig that no I don't have cancer.
  9. NoraBe

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    if anyone reads this

    just in case if anyone hasn't read my update & wants to hear. I quit spiro altogether cold turkey, my hair is shedding like crazy still. It seems almost more than ever. my part is as wide as ever & its getting hard to disguise my hairloss. I am still on orthocyclen. And in a month I will start rogaine if this shed (which I've been shedding for 1 1/2 years now consistently) won't go away. I figure rogaine can't hurt:) unless I get a mustache then I'll be pissed:)

    I'm 34 years old. Getting desperate. HAve another dr appt next week...my cortisol levels were high & dhea was low so I don't think I need spiro (for now) I may go back on it at a lower dose but I want my cortisol & other levels checked first again...

    now I'm ranting....

    I still haven't lost my faith though.