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    Anyone have any info to share on holistic natural remedies?? I have been diagnosed with CTE or Female Pattern Loss (doctor is not quite sure yet). My ferritin was 16 but in 6 months its now 170. I thought I would see a growth spurt but I only see a little regrowth and still shed (Sheds are getting closer to normal). I think using loestrin for about a year in 2008 caused the hairloss and it just didnt stop. Since bcp caused it, I refuse to use any meds/minoxidil BUT I do want to try holistic natural remedies. Ive read about "Shengfa Wan" (Chinese herb), Natrum Muriaticum/natrum mur (for anemic females), Fo-Ti (prevents loss and restore haircolor to grey hair) or He Shou Wu, and Fenugreek, and Drinking cucumber, carrot and spinach juice for thick regrowth growth of hair. Anyone try these??

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    I usually go for the holistic remedies first. When my hair started shedding badly, I went to my Acupuncturist and to the health food store. The Acupuncturist gave me a Hair Gain formula comprised of: Fo-Ti, Ligustrum, Morinda Root, Dichroa, Cynomoruim, Gota Kola and Ginko Biloba. The health food store gave me Zinc(plus copper) and biotin as well as a biotin shampoo. Something is helping my hair a bit because the color and texture came back to normal. However, it is still shedding just as much. I'm not sure if it would be that much worse if I wasn't on these things, but it hasn't made it any better.

    One scary thing is that my other symptoms were: Extreme lethargy, sensitivity to cold, sinus problems, muscle cramps, foggy brain, frightening loss of short term memory and serious anxiety. With those symptoms, the Acupuncturist said it was thyroid and a lack of qi energy, so he gave me 2 different forms of Ginseng to take. I was already on thyroid pills from the doc and my thyroid was low, so we thought we had it worked out. When it was getting worse still, I had more tests at the doc. Turns out my progesterone was extremely low - supposed to be between 60 and 80, mine was at 2! He put me on progesterone pills and I started to feel better the first day. Hair loss hasn't stopped, but I can think, concentrate, etc. The reason I said it is scary is that the worst thing you can take when you have low progesterone is apparently Ginseng. My Acupuncturist was actually making it worse!

    As much as I've always shied away from doctors and stuck with natural remedies, the doc is the only one who has helped me feel better so far! I'm still taking the herbs I listed above, as well as Omega 3, 6 & 9, Complex Vitamin B, Vitamin C and a multivitamin. I feel like I'm popping pills all morning!

    I am going to try the laser treatment (hopefully soon) and can let you know how that goes.
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    Put a clove or two of garlic in hot water, add some lemon and honey, and drink up! Tastes awful, smells gross, but garlic does wonders for your system.
    Hope you feel better soon!