Holy moly!!!!! Ferritin skyrocketed!!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by elisabeth, Jan 28, 2014.

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    i have an original post in this forum (I FINALLY DID IT...) and my ferritin level was 34 and i was in dire straights....started with ferrous sulphate and had SLOW results so i changed to ferrous fumarate and the shedding stopped but my ferritin level only went to the 50's so i decided to up my dose to 3x daily and i just got my blood results and i at 116!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my hair is growing longer, faster (started biotin 5000 mcg too about a month ago) and i just needed to share this startling success. my little cocktail of l-lysine & vitamin c is my miracle cure maybe it is yours too :)
  2. elisabeth

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    question for anyone, everyone...

    as of today my ferritin is 116. do i stay on my iron forever, taper off, go off? i am not willing to go off for fear of my hair shedding so thats not an option! please share any experience or knowledge of this, thanks :)

    RENESMEE New Member

    elisabeth I'm so happy for you. I communicated your experience in the greek forums and I have started legofer iron supplement myself. I hope that the shedding will stop. Maybe you have already answered this but did you have parts that you could see your sculp a bit? I mean did the shedding ever caused you thinnig and areas with no hair?
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    reply to renesmee

    i did not have any bald spots but thin/sparse enough where you could see my scalp. i always had slow regrowth but after a few inches it would all fall out. every single day was a nightmare for me. this went on for over a decade, only to stop when i was pregnant. i wonder if my ferritin boosted when i was pregnant? did you read my original post that is kind of long but had lots of details? i explain in great detail my personal hell. i never thought it would end, but at the same time i never gave up. i was hoping my discovery would help many women going through this but i don't know if it has....i want every woman to feel what i feel. are there any of you whose ferrtin levels were checked and you found your smoking gun? i hope so :)
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    one more thing...

    what is legofer?! and why not try exactly what i have done? im only asking because it worked so very well for me and my iron levels all around were so low and its all up. what is your hair story, please share xo

    RENESMEE New Member

    I have the same, sparse on the top and in the middle where I used to separate my hair. My shedding started dramatically on September and the sparse spots became visible the last few months. The dramatic shedding has stopped but I can see the small and young hair falling off and this worries me. Did you ever have a trichogramm? I had one that showed 52% of my hair are dystrophic and probably thats why they dont grow enough before they fall. Has this stopped in your case or its too early to tell
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    no i never had that test. so yours isn't ferritin related? have you had that checked?
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    by the way my shedding was ALL over. it was diffuse shedding which is all over and constant....oh was it constant it never let up. i used to think if i just stood there and combed it all the loose hairs would be gone and i could walk around without it shedding. and it did work...for about an hour :(
    then i thought if i just didn't stop combing it or brushing it, all the hair would come out and id be bald. my hair strands were definitely thinner at the root and all my falling hair had the bulb intact.
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    RENESMEE New Member

    My feritin was 20 when the shedding started, the doc insisted that there was no need to take iron. I took some my self and I noticed that during getting it the shedding decreased. I then stopped for two months and recently I had test and feritin was 38. I dont know if its feritin related, thats the issue. Still trying to figure out and the docs dont help much do they? I fear for Androg. Alopecia. Yours is not the case probably
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    when my ferrtin was a 38 my hair was still shedding bad. i started off a 34, then took ferrous sulphate for 4 weeks and it went up to 38. it wasn't until i went over 40 that is suddenly stopped. that was my magic number. from what i have learned, the hair cannot stay in when its under 40. this was 100% true for me so maybe it is for you as well. and you don't need a doctor to treat you...i do it all on my own. every 4-6 weeks i order my labs from privatemdlabs, it cost $48 and then i go to lab corp and within 12 hours i have my results online! it's all in my hands and i love that. i 43 years old and have learned many things, one of them being most doctors are not that knowledgeable. you must be your own best advocate. my advise is try everything...there is site that lists all the blood work you need to find out the cause of hair loss and through that list i found out my ferritin was low.
    here is the link to the site http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss-info/blood-exam-women.htm
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    RENESMEE New Member

    thank you I'll check it out and revert:)
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    I found out today my ferritin is actually at 31 and my iron saturation is at 15%. I spoke to the nurse at my dermatologists office today to see if I was anemic. She was very adamant that I am fine and within normal range. Should I try and supplement? These numbers are low according to the info gathered on this forum. And the saturation range she gave me was 15-50. Clearly I am at the low end. I am seeing an internist tomorrow, however, I fear this appointment will disappoint me like the rest of my appointments. I'm still losing my hair, along with my sanity. :(

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    Elisabeth – I’m so excited for you!!! That’s great news!

    I just wanted to share my update as well. I haven’t had my ferretin levels checked again but I started the new iron over a month ago, the liquid gel cap ones, and my shedding has stopped as well! Every day I’m waiting for it to start falling out again....and so far it’s not. I have new hairs all over my head – I didn’t really notice when it started growing back, but the new hairs are all about an inch long now and I have volume again. Fuzzy, crazy looking volume but I am NOT going to complain!!

    So, I just wanted to reiterate my story for all those who are being told that their low iron is fine and probably not the cause. I was about 35/36 when my shedding started. I tried natural shampoos, diets, etc. and it went on for about three years. I started investigating more as I was running out of hair.

    I was told I had some inherited form of hair loss from my father’s side. That there was nothing I could do. It was genetics. Female pattern baldness. That it would continue to fall out until it was mostly gone. This was the diagnosis from my doctor and from the dermatologist she sent me to. I drove to another city to pay another dermatologist for a second opinion. SAME DIAGNOSIS. They gave me an unlimited prescription for minoxidil/rogaine at 5%.

    I used the product twice a day, as directed for 8 months...shedding continued.
    After a severe meltdown in my doctor’s office I had all the tests done. Hormones, thyroid, vitamin levels... I was told I could take vitamin D and Iron as they were low....and to take the iron with vitamin C. I started taking the iron daily for over six months and...shedding continued. I had my iron re-tested and it had gone from (I’m using approximates because I can’t remember exactly) from around 17 to 12. It actually went down. (Oh, I should mention, I am not anaemic and have never suffered with low energy or any other symptoms of low iron – I have always had a varied diet which included lots of veggies and red meat and everything else).
    So, I went to a naturopath, she gave me a different brand of iron, a highly absorbable one. She gave me different vitamin D drops too. The stuff she gave me was actually cheaper than what my doctor had recommended and is available everywhere.
    I had my IUD removed as well. I figured that the IUD was causing spotting...which could contribute to low iron. And I stopped using the minoxidil. (gave me crazy dandruff and greasy hair...not to mention having to shower twice a day and dry hair before bed, etc..).

    I’ve been on the new iron, new vit D, no IUD for two months. Shedding stopped about a month ago. CRAZY.

    So, I would never give anyone medical advice – but I wonder – is there harm in trying iron on your own, despite what your doctor says? If you have low iron, what is the harm in trying to boost it? My new iron is a little hard on the stomach so I take it at bedtime with a vitamin C drink. That way I can still drink my morning coffee and carry on through the day without a stomach ache.

    I would be happy to discuss my story further or recommend the brands of what I’m using if anyone would like to PM me or email me. My email is screamingbanshee@hotmail.com

    I will post my iron results on here as soon as I get tested.

    Best of luck everyone!!
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    I just ordered the vitamins you suggested elisabeth, and they will be here tomorrow. I am hoping so much that this will be the miracle I need to stop this shedding and breakage. I had to get all of my hair cut off to look more even and thick a few days ago (up to my chin, when my hair was previously to my bra line) It helped some. I can style it cute, but my fear is that it will continue to break off and thin at this length, and then what?

    Reading everyone's stories gives me hope. I am so happy to see that several of you are seeing new hairs poking through. I, too, will not complain of crazy short hairs as long as they are there!
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    excited and hopeful

    Hi! I just recieved my amazon package with my new iron supplement. I ordered it as soon as I read your post. Our stories are VERY similiar. What really struck me was that my hair returned to its full glory(actually better than) during all 3 of my pregnancies, just like yours with your first two. (Just so everone knows, I couldnt take prenatal vitamins during two of my pregnancies, so I do not believe that extra vitamins caused my hair to return) Im guessing hormones have an effect on iron absorption or something like that.
    Either way, 3-4 months after childbirth, the shed returned to not stop again until my next pregnancy. Now, here I am, almost 2 years after my last childbirth, still shedding terribly, with a sharpie sized ponytail, (where it used to be a bananna).
    I too, have tried everything over the last 20 years on this journey.
    Im curious why you increased from two to three iron a day? Was it just to get your numbers up or was it because shedding had not stopped completely?
  16. elisabeth

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    hi Jacey,
    my first 3 pregnancies my hair was also better than ever...i had THICK shiny curls that grew so fast but that was short lived! my normal hair is very fine & curly so having thickness was a treat. i thought for sure if i just stayed on the prenatal vitamins that my hair would stay in...NOPE!
    i upped to 3x only because i wanted to get over 100 b/c i thought thats where we all want to be. my hair stopped shedding once i reached 40 so there is no reason why i need to be 116, which is where im at now.

    i have been scouring the net to see if there is some sweet spot range i should be trying to maintain....100-120, 120-130, ??
    so what i have now decided to do is try a liquid iron which can be taken with food, with caffeine, with anything because it is easily absorbed and very gentle on the tummy & only once a day. its a special kind of liquid iron, HIGHLY recommended for low ferritin hair loss called IRONSMART Manufactured By: Lorna Vanderhaeghe Inc. i purchased it from http://www.nationalnutrition.ca

    it supposed to taste like caramel so im excited! and i am going to only take 1 teaspoon a day and see if it that keeps my hair in. im not going to worry anymore about ferritin levels. i only want my hair to stay in as it has. i will only up my dosage if i notice hair shedding again (LORD NO!!) and at that time i would take a blood test to see what number my ferriitn was. but i am confident 1x a day will keep me hair in just fine.

    i went from total shedding to none in about 3 weeks with the ferrous fumarate i bought from amazon & took 2 a day (once in late morning & once in late afternoon) with vitamin C & L-Lysine....i expect the same glorious results from you!!! please keep all of us posted on your success :)
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    Thank you!

    Thank you so much for all the information. I am going to follow the same cocktail recipe that you are taking and hopefully soon I will be posting results! Also please let us know or let me know how the liquid Iron works, I am very interested in it. It's been so long since I've had some real hope. Thank you so much for sharing your success story. I'll be letting you know soon how this works for me.
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    Congrats!! It makes me so happy to read that esp as I'm going through a drastic shedding phase right now and my hair is so fine and thin like a spider web. I'm going to really work on the iron and making sure I take it far away from dairy or caffeine. I dread seeing the doctor in the same way I dread hair salons!! Thanks for posting!
  19. SBanshee

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    Hi everyone. Just a quick update on my past posts. (I will put this in the other column I posted on as well). I went for a blood test last week to check my ferritin after being on the new iron for two months. I was at 26 in mid December and as of February 5th I was at 53. My hair is still not shedding….and I still can’t believe that after all this time....that it was the ferritin. YEARS of loss….mis-diagnosis…over.
    Now I have to get over inspecting my scalp and looking for hairs everywhere. The psychological effects may take as long to get over as my hair will to grow back. :0)
    Again, best of luck everyone!!!
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    Mellie you are SO DEFICIENT!! do not listen to these ignorant medical workers - there is science behind your hair loss and it has to do with the basic building block of life...IRON!
    I don't know if low ferritin & low saturation is your only problem like it was mine but when I was practically bald my levels were nearly identical to yours; ferritin 30, saturation 14.

    Take your iron, I'd take it exactly as I did only bc it worked so fast, within a month. Be your own healer!! You can do it!!
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