Holy moly!!!!! Ferritin skyrocketed!!!

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    I've been following this forum for quite some time.
    I decided last week to finally check my ferritin levels, and i am at 97.
    My iron saturation is 57%, which seems little high.

    How could I lower my saturation %, but keep the ferritin level in the 90s?
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    hey there! so I have been having the same exact battle. my hair sheds when my saturation gets over around 19% and 2 weeks ago it was 49 and I knew it was high since suddenly my hair was going through a dreaded shed. so I stopped all my wonderful supplements of folic acid and b complex b/c it dawned on me they both have folic acid and maybe that's causing my iron to spike. and my ferritin was too low (49) since I had stopped taking my ferrasorb. I first thought that was the culprit but then it hit me it could possibly too much folic acid. so the last 12 days I stopped all but my C, Lysine & biotin. then I took ferrasorb every other day to get my ferritin a little higher. I did my blood yesterday and b/c this morning my hair shed a bit less than yesterday I just knew my saturation would be less and my ferritin higher and it WAS! saturation is 22% and ferritin is a perfect 65. still gotta get my saturation to an ideal 14-15% and I promise you the moment it is, the hair stops shedding. its like a light switch for me! my body chemistry is as delicate as a bubble and its been crazy trying to figure out what is and what does not work. so based on my results (hair condition & labs) I cant take too much folate since it makes my iron spike. so my plan for the next 2 weeks is nothing but a daily C with Lysine & biotin...and then a ferrasorb maybe every 3 days. then I will retest in 2 weeks from today. in all my cocktails I have never just did what im doing now. I pray its the solution to keeping my saturation in the mid teens and my ferritin in the 60's. jeez what an ordeal!! why in the world does my hair fall out when my iron saturation gets over 19%?? I tried researching but no success. does anyone in the world know or will this just be a mystery?! its all trial n error for me and if I did not test my blood every few weeks I would never know what is wrong. so my suggestion for you is to do the same :)
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    Thanks for writing me back!
    oh my goodness this is going to be a lot of WORK!
    I have been taking 1 ferros fumerate pills a day w/ vit b 12, b complex, and lysine TWICE a day.
    I think i've been over-doing it.
    Maybe I can take my concoction once every 3 days and then take a blood test again in 2 weeks.
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    How is everything going?! I'm in the same boat as you are. I started folate & b12 with my iron and am having a major shed. Lots of regrowth around the crown from the biotin I think. What's your update?! I just added another iron and am worried that I will have too much.
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    I stopped everything but my "definite dailys" which are C, Lysine & Biotin. I tested again a week ago, Just as I expected my saturation dropped but only to 20% and I knew it was still too high since shedding ticked down but was still too much for me. Unfortunately my ferriitn also ticked down to 55. So thise test results were from June 5th and I am getting retested this week, either tomorrow or Tuesday, because the shedding is about where I want it to be...just a normal healthy amount. And I predict saturation to be below 18%. When it is 14-15% I will take ONE Ferrasorb. And then take 1x a WEEK to keep saturation in the mid teens and ferritin between 40-60. If this is my solution then I have 2 unopened bottles of Thorne B Complex and 3 unopened bottles of the Ferrets iron I bought from Amazon if anybody wants them!
    Who knows, my solution may be to take one single Ferrasorb every 14 days...I think my system is soooo sensitive that only once a month could be my lifelong dose.
    Again girls, I would never know any of this had I not gotten my blood tested every 2 weeks for the past year or so. Yes it was $50 each time but healthy hair is worth every penny.
    I will post again in a few days when I get my test results. I'm about to take a shower so if there's little shedding I will test tm morning. I want to test on the exact day that I consider it to be a perfect hair day!
  6. elisabeth

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    Does anyone in the world know why a higher saturation could possibly trigger hair loss? What could be the connection? Is iron stored in the hair follicle and then when the body thinks it has too much (it's saturated) it makes the hair fall out? Throw some ideas out there, let's brainstorm.
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    I had a quick look on google and didn't find anything relevant to your case. However I do wonder if excess iron floating around the body is toxic and hence also affects hair loss. What if you switched to a natural iron source such as Spatone or iron-rich foods? Or Carbonyl iron.

    It seems like you're on your way to finding a solution so keep going!! :)
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    Just had a hard few weeks and lost about a weeks worth of hair just today. I'm having my ferritin and thyroid tested on Wednesday and am not purchasing any supplements until I know where I am. Period was particularly bad this month so I suspect it's not helping. I'll be on Elisabeth's cocktail - thank you for this thread as it has helped me so much.
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    Have any of you guys noticed new hair growth after getting your ferritin up to goal? My ferritin has been at goal for over a year now and although hair shedding has slowed to almost normal, I'm not seeing any new growth at all. :(
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    Hey all! It's been a few years since I've posted on this thread.

    I just wanted to say "hi" and see how you are all doing?

    Quick update:

    I haven't been horribly consistent with my regime of l-lysine, iron and vitamin C, but have been taking it nonetheless.

    My shedding has definetly decreased and I have crazy baby hairs everywhere! My hair also grows like a weed!

    Anyhow, hopefully some of you are seeing similar results