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Discussion in 'Treatments' started by fitzwong, May 7, 2009.

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    Hi This is my first time on here. I was wondering if any of you out there have tried the home lazer comb or brush. I bought a x5 lazer therapy device and have just started using it. I would sure appreciate it if you could give me any information you may have on these remedies. Thanks
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    Hi Fitzwong, Welcome To The Forum! I have never personally used any laser product so I cannot really speak from experience. I just have opinions, which I'm the first to admit, may not always be right. You can read my article "LaserComb and Other Laser Hair Loss Treatments" here:


    There are also 29 comments on that post from other women, some who used it and some who have not. So it would be a good thing to read.

    Again, Welcome!:>
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    I have never used one, but I have tried scalp massage. It did not work for me. Welcome to the board. I think it is really new I am new here, but used to be part of another board so I feel sort of like a pro. I wear a bonded human hair topper and have 14 years of hl and remedies. Enjoy the support I love it.
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    I used the hairmax comb for 3 years and got zero results. don't bother
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    i started using the Hairmax laser comb about 3 months ago. actaully ill tell u my whole story here, since the other post i posted seems to have gotten cut off because the photo i took of my hair regrowth seems to have been too big lol.

    i started losing my hair when i was about 16, but i was always able to conseal it with bangs till i was in my 20s. then my bangs got so sparse it just looked silly. i never talked to anyone about my problem because i was so embarassed, but eventually there was nothing i could do to conseal it. my hairdresser suggested Nioxin,which worked very wellfor me but years later, my hair started falling out again, probebely due to having my baby but it didn't STOP falling out. i purchased the Hairmax laser brush on ebay for $130 (it was "barely used", proebbely for someone who didn't get results from it). i couldn't justify spending 600 bucks on buying a new one when i wasn't even sure it worked, but i was willing to try it. (i did my research on hair loss remedies, EVERYTHING had mixed reviews, nothing worked for EVERYONE... so i decided this was my best option.)

    well, after 3 months, i can say that i definately see some regrowth in my hair. to be honest, i wasn't SEVERLY bald, but my hair was thinning to the point people could notice it, and i had that wide part in my hair that looked like a christmas tree. for me it worked, but i would say it is definately not a miracle cure which i know a lot of people are looking for.

    ** if you read my other post, you can see part of the hair regrowth picture i posted there. sorry it got cut off
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    oh sorry one more thing i forgot to add here. when i first started using the Hairmax laser comb, my hair started falling out even MORE. like, crazy amounts. but the hairmax site said it was a good sign cuz it meant that the resting phase hairs were getting pushed out so a new thicker hair can take it's place, so i kept using it. the shedding lasted a few weeks for me. but now when u look at my hairline, you can see lots of little sprouts of hair!! :)
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    Laser skin device results
    Consumers may have unrealistically high expectations for home lasers. Lasers release a special form of light in a single wavelength; by contrast, normal daylight consists of varying wavelengths.


    Hot lasers which are used by health professionals to resurface skin and remove tattoos, are high-energy devices that cause heat damage to the skin, triggering a healing response.


    Cool lasers are sometimes called low-level lasers or low-level light therapy. This type doesn't damage tissue and is safe to use at home. It works by passing a beam of light through the skin to reach cells below the skin's surface and stimulate the body's natural healing processes.Energy produced by cool lasers appears to prompt the production of collagen and , increase blood circulation and boost release of growth factors and removal of waste products from cells.
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    I'm not sure if laser treatment does work to be honest, I haven't had it done, I've learnt to live with it now.