HOPE! My hair loss has not only stopped, but it is growing back.

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    I'm sorry that this post is so long, but I wanted to be thorough. I had to find a forum to post to because 10 years ago when my hair loss began, I frequented a similar forum for support and in hopes of fining any possible solution. I gave up and stopped trying for many years, but I have somehow stumbled upon a solution ( something that is working for me somehow) indirectly (actually as treatment for a different health problem).

    10 years ago I had a minor surgery on my scalp to have a mole removed. I'm not sure if it was the local anaesthetic, the trauma to to my scalp from being cut, the adrenaline that was injected or if it was a combination of all three, but shortly after the procedure my hair started coming out in handfuls. I got stomach sick every time I showered or brushed my hair. It slowly stopped coming out in such large quantities but continued over the years to shed more than normal. I thought that the hair loss from the surgery would be temporary and grow back later. It never did. My hair was significantly, and noticeably thinner and I lost hope that it would ever come back. I began to realize that maybe the surgery sparked a different condition that caused my continued hair loss. I know my hormones were not in balance because I was still getting acne, even into my 30's. I was later put on a medication that caused hypothyroidism, creating more problems for my hair. In any case, here is when I started to notice a change....

    I went to a naturopath, who put me on a natural thyroid replacement (desiccated pig thyroid, 30mg). By the way, regular physicians diagnose a TSH count up to 7 as normal, a naturopath claims that it should be less than 2) Mine was 5.5 and if definitely affected my hair. I was on the medication for 2 years and stopped the other medication that was causing the thyroid problem. My TSH count is now .5 and I feel great. I haven't taken the hormone for about a year and it is still at .5. This is not the only change that affected my hair.

    At the same time, my naturopath diagnosed me as gluten intolerant causing me not to be able to absorb many vitamins and minerals, particularly iron and B12 (which aid the absorption of each other). After I was first diagnosed, I began an IV treatment of vitamins and minerals created at the clinic. I also began taking B12 injections daily (you can get these through your pharmacist), iron, zinc and a good multivitamin. The IV treatment I only did for several months. During this time, my skin became noticeably smooth and soft, my hair became soft and shiny and I noticed less and less coming out in the shower, when I brushed, and even when I ran my fingers through it (something I started to do often). Not only that, I started to see regrowth!

    I was also introduced to a product to help with acne called Estrosmart by Lorna Vanderhaeghe which balances hormones. Other products that helped were Thyrosmart, Adrenasmart, ironsmart and Glucosmart (amazing for PCOS and androgenic problems). I attended one of her lectures as well. She claims that most hair loss problem in women are due to hormone imbalance and iron deficiency. I highly recommend doing your research about hormone imbalance (if you have not already) and M. Vanerhaeghe has completed years of research on the issue.

    Over time I got lazy and slowly stopped taking all of the supplements and within several months the shedding started again. I immediately went back to my naturopath to tell her what happened, because I really had no idea which of these changes had helped! Maybe it was the combination of all of them.
    I went for a couple more IV's, but restarted (and still take) the following...
    Ironsmart (daily)
    Estrosmart (daily)
    zinc supplement (daily)
    Multivitamin (daily)
    greens powder with probiotics (almost daily)
    juicing organic fruits and vegetables (almost daily)

    Magsmart (sometimes)
    Hemp Oil (sometimes)
    GLA skin oil/borage oil (sometimes)
    (If you have PCOS, or elevated blood sugar check out Glucosmart)

    Oh, as well, and this is HUGE, I stopped using shampoo completely. I use a mixture (1 teaspoon/1 cup water-adjust to what works for you). Fill an empty squeeze bottle. I squeeze some over my scalp and massage it in (it is very different at first - no lather or bubbles, but cleans without harsh detergent and doesn't over strip your natural oils). I put some conditioner in the ends of my hair or use a vinegar/water rinse (doesn't smell after you hair is dry) and it makes your hair silky, soft and shiny. The wonderful part is it is all natural and gentle. Since I started doing this the regrowth has increased dramatically. I actually noticed that the hair elastics that I had to use after the shed are now getting too small to hold my hair. After I use a hairdryer I hold down the part in my hair and tons of little hairs are sticking up everywhere. It feels SO GOOD!

    Remember, my hair loss persisted for 10 years. I never thought anything could help.

    This is what is working for me, I can't say that it will help anyone else, but anything is worth a try in my opinion. It is very difficult to deal with, I spent a lot of time over the years in a state of despair ad depression. My anxiety was unbearable at times.

    I have posted some sites below for you to check out. If you can, attend one of Lorna Vanderhaeghe's lectures, they are amazing.

    Documentary about the benefits of juicing: "Fat, sick, and nearly dead" and "the Gerson Miracle" (available on Netflix)

    The greens brand I use: Green Vibrance

    Lorna's site: check out the q&a and the products links

    Feel free to ask anything you like, I will be happy to help. :)
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    my saving grace

    I am relieved and grateful to have discovered such a huge network of support from this website. Living in Australia, I have been too ashamed and embarassed to discuss my hair loss with anyone, so I thought I'd come to the USA in search of peace of mind, escape from my friends and family and perhaps go into hiding for a while.

    I never had full lustrous thick hair, but over the years, I've been shedding alot of hair and it's very noticable around the crown area. It makes it worse as I've always had very fine hair and not alot of it. So now, I try to tie my sparse hair into a ponytail and try to ignore it. I'm now to the point that I am numb of all feelings.

    It is the first time in many years that I've allowed myself to play the victim in this situation. I am grateful that I'm going to allow myself to wallow in anger and sadness. Thank you all for allowing me this opportunity to express what has been choking me for so long. I need to hit rock bottom, acknowledge it, and I want to start climbing out.
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    at last, there is growth

    Thank you for your optimistic post.

    i keep on re-reading your line about the amount of new hairs that you have grown. Although I know it may be a long road, at least there is something to look forward to.

    It gives me that little bit more of confidence.

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    Hey there!
    Wow, what a story. How exciting to need to replace your hair scrunchies! :) AWESOME!
    Hey, you mentioned a mixture in lieu of shampoo; what do you mix with the water?
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    The Hairwash mix

    I put about 1 teaspoon of baking soda in about 1 cup of water. You can adjust for what works for you and make sure to rinse really really well.:) It really is exciting! It is so gentle on your scalp.
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    It was over the course of 2-5 months for the hair to stop falling and start filling in using the supplements and nutrition I mentioned. Keep with it!
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    By the way...

    I forgot to mention that my multivitamin was a prenatal vitamin. Especially good for skin and hair.
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    in denial for so long

    I finally took a photo of my scalp. I stared it at for so long not believing that it was really me. The amount of exposure that I wasn't even aware of. Then I cried for hours. And now I am picking myself up.

    Thank you Mayblu and all the other beautiful women out there who are brave enough to share their stories.

    I am off to see a doctor today to check my iron levels, thyroid. etc.

    Keep up the posts ladies. It creates community that needs it most.:>:>:>
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    Keep trying

    I understand how you feel, but keep trying! I suggest a naturopath if that is possible for you. In my case, many of my hormone, etc. levels were not considered low by the regular doctor, but natural medicine had different standards. I really recommend it. Even if you don't have exceptionally low iron and zinc levels you can still supplement. It takes quite a lot to have too much, it is not likely. There is also the absorption factor. As well, the Thyrosmart and Estrosmart are for anybody, give them a try if you can find them!

    I also can't say enough about the baking soda/water rinse. Really.

    Sending you good energy and love :)

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    Hi there. Just curious if everything's still going well for you and if you are still seeing hair growth?
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    Absolutely! Still growing strong :) Sometimes I find it hard to stick to the above routine (of course we can't be that strict all the time) but I would have to say as long as I keep up with the baking soda/water instead of shampoo, daily zinc,iron,multi, and estrosmart, I expect that things will stay the course :) Feeling really confident I must say. Even my fiance is amazed.
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    HI mayblu
    Thx for sharing I needed a success story today. It's so upsetting when you think your sheddings less and it starts up again. I'm so happy yours is growing back :)
    Does the baking soda water clean enough? I'd hate to have oily hair. I oil my hair at night too with olive oil on the ends and coconut oil on my scalp. Do you use conditioner?
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    Great story! My congratulations! And thank you very much for sharing your experience. Hope these methods will help me.