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    Hello everyone!

    Sooo I am going to what looks like massive hair loss!! Amazing news isn't it?
    I have to say in the past six months I have:
    - had more stress then ever before in my entire life (I moved from Switzerland to the UK to do a master degree)
    - lost 18 pounds (gained back 4 in the last couple of weeks)
    - become a vegan! Never felt better. I did some blood test to rule out deficiencies and everything's perfect.

    I am obviously terrified, as it doesn't seem to stop. I had a panic attack this morning, went to Boots and spent 90 pounds on random products (Regaine for women, Grow Gorgeous intense hair growth serum, Salon Science pro-accelerant shampoo) but I guess it's just a way for me to try and get things under control!!

    Here are some pictures... any opinions?

    Thank you for reading me :)

    20150712_143054.jpg 20150712_143214.jpg 20150712_143358.jpg 20150712_143428.jpg
  2. Alicia Temple

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    Ha, looks like my hair.
    Anyway, from what you told it sounds like TE do to stress. If you have done research on womans hairloss TE usually will only last for as long as you keep having any stressful emotions. Your body reacts to how you are emotionally but will taper off after a certain amount of time. I would say to put off any self treatments for now and go see a derm to get her opinion. Notice I said her, not him. I would advice a women doctor and one who specializes in womans hairloss.
    Have you read any of the posts here on the site?
    Blood tests for hairloss most of the time come back normal. That is because hairloss is a lot more complex then a lot of doctors know about. Thats why you need a specialist so they can rule any other possible cause. Like horomone levels, PCO's, testosterone, thyroid, ect.
    Anyway, I hope this info helps. Good luck!
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