How long does it take to raise iron feritin level??

Discussion in 'Iron' started by NYCGirlie, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Hi thanks for your reply! I am glad your shedding has slowed down, hopefully your ferritin levels will be over 70 soon and new healthy hair will be growing through!

    I am going to have an absorption test on the next blood test but it is not until June!! Are you taking any other supplements and having them on an empty stomach?

    Good luck :)
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    Baldness never stopped a man in his tracks, and neither will it we women
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    I've been losing hair for six months and did my first blood test late February. My ferritin level is 22 and have vitamin D deficiency (I have no idea how low my levels were before Feruray. I tried to change my diet and added supplement but didnt do it right and enough.) Other levels are all well within range.

    I was wondering whether it's safe to take 100 mg of elemental iron each day with other vitamin supplements as well? I'm taking Floradix and considering changing to ferrous sulfate as it's cheaper.

    Many thanks! :)