How much hair do you lose a day?

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  1. Catie

    Catie New Member

    Hi all,

    In our battle against hair loss, I know we all count hairs. It's hard to know whether this is a good thing or not - on the one hand, if we count hairs, it allows us to know if things are getting better or worse with treatment. At the same time though, it causes us to easily obsess about our hair loss and devote even more time and energy into thinking about it when we should be out enjoying life.

    If you feel comfortable sharing, how much hair do you lose? I know everyone is different. For me, before all this hair loss started, I think I lost about 30 hairs in the shower, 15 when I brush it after, and then maybe 40-50 throughout the day. I was in the "normal" 100 range.

    Now, I lose about 70 in the shower and 40 when I brush it after. Then about 70-80 throughout the day, putting me in the 200 range.

    What about you ladies? None of my friends and family are experiencing this so I thought I'd reach out to others to ask - it helps to know we are not alone. But as I mentioned before, only share if you feel comfortable.

    I hope you are all having as good a day as possible.

  2. linzineedshelp

    linzineedshelp New Member

    hi catie,i lose at leat 40 when i wash it,about another 30 brushing after and then at least 60 through the day.some days seem better than others though and i just wish it would slow down.i hate washing it so frightens me x
  3. pilar

    pilar Member

    Hi Catie,

    When I was experiencing hair loss due to going off the pill, I wanted to ask the same exact question. I remember it got to the point where I didn't know what was normal anymore. I shed almost a year and at it's worse I shed between 200-300 per day. I would count what I found in the shower drain, then what I would lose during combing (with a wide tooth comb) and then I would also count what I lost through out the day (talk about a head ache). During the year of shedding it SLOOOOOWLY decreased but I did see fluctuations. For the last 6 months I've been shedding normal amounts of hair and unfortunately I still count. Even though it's been normal for 6 months, this ordeal really traumatized me and I guess I'm still scared that it will start again. Now I lose anywhere between 30-50 hairs per day. Also, during this nightmare, I also asked my mom and a few close friends to count how much they lost for a few days just to see what "normal" was. All of them lost between 40-120 per day and all of them have full heads of hair with no thinning.

    Hope this helps.

  4. issy

    issy New Member

    I only lose about 5 - 10 in the shower on most days but when I'm having a shed, up to 30 and ten another 10 or so when styling. The thing is, my hair is still thinning. I don't get it because it doesn't seem like I'm losing that much. :(
  5. Catie

    Catie New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Thanks so much for your responses. It just goes to show how individualistic hair loss truly is. Some people shed hundreds with no thinning while others lose hardly any yet notice changes to their scalp. I truly hope we are all able to find the answers we are looking for.

    Pliar, although the cause of our hair loss is different, it sounds like the type of hair loss (massive shedding) is the same. I've read some of your posts and I'm so happy that you are now in the normal range. Congrats! Your story gives me hope and inspiration. May I ask what you think helped slowly decrease the shedding? Thanks so much! I hope you can one day stop counting hairs and this whole mess can be behind you!

    Linzi and Issy, thanks so much for sharing. We have to stay strong. Just know there are other women who understand exactly how you are feeling and are hoping for your recovery.

    All the best,

  6. Brunotte

    Brunotte New Member

    Before this all began, I didn't shed very much--maybe 30 hairs a day.
    Then during the initial phase, it was between 100-150.
    Then it "got better" for about a month or two and I was losing ~70 per day.
    Now this week it's jumped up to 150+.

    I definitely miss the 30-hair days. =\
  7. pilar

    pilar Member

    Hi Catie,

    I had Telogen Effluvium from going off the pill. Even though during that time all I wanted to do was jump back on the pill or take Spiro to make it stop, I decided to just ride it out. It eventually slowed down on it's own. I do remember having some scalp inflamation and that causing my shed to go up during those 10-11 months of abnormal shedding. But for me what stopped that crazy shedding was patience.

  8. sapharii

    sapharii New Member

    I think I lose about 20-30 in the shower, and I try NOT to brush my hair except right before bed and sometimes I don't at all, but I lose the most when I brush, and that's anywhere from 50-to the most was 137. I cried. I keep my hair tied up (not too tight but out of my face) because of my job so I don't know how much I lose. But if I take it down and loosely run my fingers though it, it just feels like it's falling out. Like the hair won't hold on to my scalp piece by piece. I know the loss over the last 5 months has been significant because it used to be, when I put my hair in a pony tail, I'd wrap it around 3 times at the most. Now I wrap it 5 times. And the hair ties aren't very big at all.
  9. shasha1

    shasha1 Member

    I have had TE for about 5 months now. I started counting and recording for the last month. It's been really up and down. I count the hair I lose when I put oil in it, then in the shower, combing/quick blow drying. So far the average has been 10-15 when I oil it with Mira oil the night before, 10 in the shower, 20-30 combing. So on the good days after a shower/comb/blowdry it's about 25 and bad days ~40. Throughout the day I don't notice my hair fall on the days was wash my hair. On the second day I usually notice 15-30 throughout the day. I know it may not be as much to others having more but again it's so personal. I had very long not overly thick but healthy and full hair. I've lost about 30% of it in 5 months after a bad fever, very heavy stress along with my low ferritin (or so i'm told). I remember losing very little before..sticking 3-5 hairs max in the shower and ~10 hair during combing.
  10. sapharii

    sapharii New Member

    I lost 343 hairs today. I'm in shock.
  11. caito

    caito New Member

    I don't even know. I know I pull out at least 20 or 30 in the shower, but that's only a rough estimate. It could be more :(

    Then I lose a bunch when I style my hair, which is so rare because I don't want to face the reality of my situation.

    If I leave my hair down I'll find at least 20 on my shoulders throughout the day.

    Sucks. Plus my hair is long, about to the mid shoulder blade area, so the hairs are really long and noticeable. I have to clean out the drain every few days. It's not fun standing in gross clogged water lol.
  12. mgomezrn

    mgomezrn New Member

    I dont count throughout the day...but I took a shower yesterday and counted my hair loss for the 1st time. I lost 260 hairs total. and there are days when my hair loss after showering are waay worse than yesterday. fackk!
  13. CDottie

    CDottie New Member

    It sounds like most people who are dealing with hair loss, at least on here count their hairs. I know this may sound strange but I haven't done that yet.
    There are always so many of them it never occurred to me to try and take on the tedious task of counting them all.

    I was wondering do most of you do this because of each of your personal desire to know the amount or to asses changes in amounts or have any of your doctors or derms recommended doing that from time to time?

    My doctor told me to take pictures of the shredded hair and show them to her from time to time, but never said to count.
    Have any of you ever done that, taken photos?

    Also because I have the photos I have taken and so far asses quantity that way, approx. what does 100 hairs lost at once look like for you?
    Is a hundred usually end up being more or less than a handful?

    I know sort of silly questions, but I'm trying to visualize it. :) who knows maybe someone will start a- shed photo thread- next.
    Think I'm also just not good friends with math and numbers.
  14. areles

    areles New Member

    85-200 while washing, between 20 and 50 afterward, and who knows how much throughout the day; perhaps 50 more.

    non-wash days, i have no idea how much lose, because i recently cut it short and try to avoid touching it as much as possible. my best guess is no less than 50.

    so, a lot more than quite a few of you. it's been at this rate for several months now - in december and early jan, it was higher. wash days were always more than 300 in the shower alone (and randomly, sometimes still are).

    before all this started, i don't know how much i lost per day on average, but it was definitely so little that i didn't even think about it, ever. perhaps five in the shower, a random hair or two throughout the day. when i dyed it, i'd lose a good deal more, but that amount was probably still less than my current average wash day. between 50 and 75 max, would be my guess - if that. so the current rate of loss is, to say the least, shocking and noticeable.
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