How much work is it to wear hair?

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    I just joined the forum. I am 48 with PCOS/Diabetes and the toll on my bio hair is to the point where I need some help.

    Before hair loss I was a "wash-n-go" girl. I now hate the fact that my hair is such a "production". The blowing and styling to look normal is wearing on me. I do not like short hair either, and even if I did it would not matter because my hairless is on top and right up front.

    How much work is it to wear hair? Will I just be adding another dimension of work? The idea of clipping something in, adjusting, etc. and going on with my day really appeals to me.

    I am going to my first appt. with a stylist/specialty wig salon in two weeks.

    Thanks for the support.:)
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    It can be quite a bit of work.. I hate the "production" feeling of doing my hair now also. I wear a topper so at least now at the end of the styling/blow drying/etc, I look good. Before, I would style, shake on hair fibers, hair spray, move the hairs around.. and still looked awful. So, it's better. It's worth it.
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    that depends on the type u get. The upkeep is why i didn't like human hair and toppers.The great thing about synthetics is the style is permanent. I don't have to curl style or even brush. I can put it on attach the combs, run my fingers thru it and I'm done. Wash it once or twice a week. They get frizzy after a few weeks. This can then require a lot of work to maintain. But at $35 a pop I just buy a new one every pay day. Before u spend a fortune, go to a beauty supply shop in a predominately African American area and try some synthetic wigs. Look at my album. I wear Valentine and Valerie from Freetress. Both under $40 at
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    Btw I have 3 albums. Valentine, Valerie, and my hair loss. I'm , can u view them? I just want to make sure they can be viewed
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    I've been wearing a Human hair topper for a month. And I'll tell ya, the first two weeks was like being a preteen getting used to wearing a bra for the first time. Super annoying. I felt the clips all the time. And the parts of my scalp where the clips snapped it got super dry and irritated.

    After two weeks I took it into the salon where I got a how- to- wash- your- topper 101. It was super helpful. So now two weeks later I'm doing the wash on my own. Its a bit of work to wash and style, maybe 2-3 hours total. But the awesome part is that my hair always looks great for several weeks before having to wash again.
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    It all depends on what kind of "hair system" you choose. I have tried them all and it's kind of a process and individual preference.

    I started out with a human hair clip in topper-worked ok because I was just happy to have hair again but was uncomfortable and IMO you are better off with a wig if you are not going to bond the topper to your head with either glue or tape.

    After the clip in topper I went to boding a human hair topper at a professional salon, it was pretty costly and I dreaded going in for salon visits every month (or less) when the bond would come loose. In fact, I always had to touch up my bond in between appointments because it got loose. The human hair is high maintainance because you have to style it just like your own hair. Don't get me wrong I was so happy to have pretty, full hair again that it did not bother me for the last 12 years.

    From there, I upgraded my experience when I found and was able to order my own hair online and get it customized exactly the way I liked it. For anyone bonding a human hair system, HD is the way to go and I have NEVER been happier with my hair. I can removed it, wash it, bond it anytime I want. One of the issues I had with my old salon was that the hair always looked too heavy for me, too much hair and until I started ordering from HD I did not realize you can choose the hair density that is right for you. I like my hair systems on the thinner, finer side. The cost of a customized hair system is much less on HD (half of what I was paying) but you have to learn to bond yourself, which is not a big deal when you get used to it. Much better than having someone else do it. I buy a long 16" hair system and it costs about $450. It lasts about 3 months.

    So now, I am trying a new experience of wearing a wig. I really ordered it to use as a back-up hair unit for emergencies or if I didn't feel like bonding my hair. But WOW I am LOVING the wig! I realize that I can't do some of the things that I can when I am bonding, like swimming or sleeping in it (although I guess some people do) but it is so nice to have synthetic hair that needs no styling and always looks great. I can't believe how many compliments I have got since I started wearing it last week. It looks better than my bonded hair system. The synthetic wigs look so real and are very reasonably priced.
    So there you might want to start with the cheapest and easiest to start and then graduate from there if you decide to. I kinda wish I started trying wigs a long time ago, I always assumed they would look fake but absolutely not.
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    SuzieQ thanks so much for your thorough reply. I am just starting the process of figuring out which hair wearing option is for me. I have diffuse TE but decent density of the remaining hair (thankful for all I started with!). I am most self conscious about the frontal hair line that seems to be receding at the temples and my bangs have thinned into nothingness. I feel like starting with a human hair topper makes the most sense to wade into the hair wearing pool. I was hoping I could transition the topper from clip in to bonding (lookng at a Follea piece) should I decide to go that route. I am really interested in HD, but overwhelmed to start there from scratch with no experience. I am intrigued by your wig opinions. Which brands are you wearing that you like? Any other advice? Thanks again!
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    Hi Kristen,
    Glad I could help. I know it's really confusing when you have so many options and I don't think there is really any bad options. Really, the only bad option is to do nothing because I did nothing for years and hated the way I looked. I have diffuse thinning, mostly on top and apparently just a bad gene from my father's side of the family. ugh. But thankfully we have options!!
    I don't know much about Follea except what I have read and seen on here and it seems that people are pretty happy with them so I think that's a good decision for a beginner. Later when you get comfortable with the process you could look into ordering your own and becoming more independent. The most important thing is to be pleased and comfortable with yourself.

    Since I just started "researching" wigs I don't know too much about the technical terms and all, but I am a big researcher and have found so much helpful information online and on youtube. The first and only wig I have tried so far is the Jon Renau Julia synthetic wig. I am really amazed at how real the hair is. You would never, ever know that I am wearing a wig unless I told you. I wore it for a few days and my husband had no idea until I told him! My friends and family just keep commenting that "oh, you had your hair done, it looks beautiful". That's because I got a brown with caramel highlights and I have been wearing a bonded topper in just medium brown for months now. The cut is also different because the wig has more layers than my system did. So people have noticed a change but cannot detect that it's not natural. The front hairline is lace and I pull out some of my own hair in the front and it blends in beautifully. The cost was $262.
    Porshiana (on this site) was very helpful by telling me to look at some of the less expensive synthetic wigs so I "investigated" some other wig sites like and and found some gorgeous wigs for under $50 that got great reviews. I just ordered the Cala wig by Sepia, and will be ordering the Brie by Vivica Fox next because it more closely resembles the Julia that I am wearing now. Once I decide which one I like the best I plan to order 3 or 4 of them so I can always have a new one on hand because from what I understand they last anywhere from 1-3 months depending on the wig. If you read some of the reviews (Vogue wigs has lots of reviews) the ladies will tell you how long they have been wearing them and give you pros and cons.

    I might go back to bonding again, but for now I am having tons of fun trying new wigs and it feels good to let me head breathe from bonding for a change. Good luck and please feel free to ask any questions....Suzie
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    Hey Kristen and other ladies who may be interested, I just remembered that hairdirect was looking for women to test a new clip in topper for FREE and they were looking for participants. Not sure if they still are or not, but here is the thread.