How to clean scalp? Telogen effluvium and seb derm after TL surgery

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    Can anyone recommend a shampoo that really cleans the pores of the scalp? Even though my dermatologist dismissed my fears that clogged pores were contributing to follicle miniaturization (I read about this everywhere, but she didn't give the idea credence) I suspect it is part of my problem. (I have very oily skin.)
    Since I started combing my scalp to clean it after showering (never did this before b/c I have curly hair), I've seen some improvement.

    Here's my story, in case it resonates with others' experiences:
    I chose tubal ligation surgery 2 years ago this spring, when I was 39. Three months after surgery I began pulling handfuls of hair out in the shower, and developed crazy dandruff. Having never had it before, I thought I had some sort of shampoo build up. I let the problems go on way too long, and tried, unfortunately, washing my hair less. I had experienced post-pregnancy hair loss before, which eventually righted itself; I was convinced this would get better, and that "less was more" in terms of treatment. The hair loss did not abate, for 9 months. (Eventually I started taking pictures of the hairballs on a daily basis, until I determined that I would soon go crazy if I didn't figure out how to think about my problem less.) A year ago I finally visited a dermatologist, who told me I had seb derm. Scalp biopsies showed excessive hair loss, but other labs were normal.

    Over the past year I've tried 5% tea tree and oregano oil shampoos, aloe vera gel, T gel, zinc, and salicylic acid shampoos. I started 2% minoxidil in October and moved up to 5% a month ago. I have tried to avoid the "nuke it" approach, and have steered clear of steroids and spironolactone, though one dermatologist wanted me to use both. (It irritates me that this doctor did not tell me to make sure I washed my hair daily, or to comb it....Instead he prescribed concoctions that fried the hair I had left, leaving it very brittle. He also told me he thought my minor 30 minute tubal ligation surgery had stressed me out, and that my hair would grow back.)
    ANYWAY: I lose much less hair these days, praise God, but every time I apply Rogaine, I see tiny hairs falling into my sink basin. This drives me NUTS. If any of this sounds familiar, and you think you can help, I'd love your advice.
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    Telogen effluvium is a condition where more than normal amounts of hair fall out. There is a general 'thinning' of the hair.Unlike some other hair and scalp conditions, it is temporary and the hair growth usually recovers.
    i get that very often, i get some stress situations at the beginning of the year , they say that there is No treatment available or required for it but my doctor advised me tu use essential oils and massage my scalp once a week it is also a way to relax, i bought the uk hair solutions gel, you warm it up before you apply so it is warm and smells nice which gives you a good soothing feeling, which help the hair to grow back Once the stressful event is passed, your hair thickness will usually return to normal within a few months.
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    Thank you, Julia, for your reply. My doctor suggested recently that I might have chronic TE. I need to choose some calming techniques, as you suggest.
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    I opted for a tubal ligation back in October 2013 and a couple months after the surgery I noticed my hair had gotten thinner. I stopped taking my birth control after the surgery and I've never had children. My hair has been gradually thinning ever since. I have enough for now but it's getting finer. I'm thinking of asking my doctor to prescribe me birth control. Hair loss runs on my fathers side but only the men have it.