How to respond to people who notice your new "beautiful hair"

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    One of my deep down raves that gets me SOOOO angry is the irony of attitude towards hair loss in women. When you are in the depths of dispair and losing all that hair, crying every minute of the day, loosing weight, pulling away from the world wondering if you can even continue living, and you go to your friends for help this is what you hear: "You are paranoid", "You look good" "It is just hair" "Just have confidence" "It really doesnt look bad." Then when you put on a wig that is identical to your previous self, you hear, "Wow, did you do something with your hair?" "You, look amazing", "OMG, your hair looks so good." No fu**ing dah! I managed to get to a hospital with a body part that fell off by myself and got a prosthesis. Thanks for the help! To those people who couldnt even offer a ride to the ER when I needed it most, I respond with,
    "Thanks for noticing the difference. I started moisturizing more and I think it has really made a difference with my appearance" OR "You are probably noticing my teeth, as I have changed tooth paste brands. My hair is no different then what it use to be."
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