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    I just got the results of my labs back and they were TSH : 4.54 and T4: 0.9. They told me those are normal, but I thought if your TSH was over 4.5 it is considered significant. Does anyone know more about this?
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    My TSH was 4.5 when i was diagnosed with Thyroid disease. A normal reading is usually between 1.5 and 2.00. You also need to have a T3 and T4 test when trying to diagnose a Thyroid problem. A TSH test is not enough information to go on. If you are having symptoms of Thyroid disease, and your TSH is 4.5, you most likely have a Thyroid problem.
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    Be careful with the thyroid, it's what did me in. Four years ago my TSH was about 4.5. My doctor at the time diagnosed me with with hypothyroid and put me on .25 mcg of levothyroxine and then increased it to .50mcg. The hair loss started then...massive shedding, none of which has grown back. I stopped the medication in 2010 when the shedding and the oily hair was severe, and when I started feeling massively suicidal and zombie-like. I just couldn't think. In addition, the rest of my hormones went haywire. My testosterone shot up, estrogen and progesterone was low and everything was in turmoil.

    Funny...with my thyroid at 4.5 I felt fine. I wish I could go back in time and NEVER take that damn medicine.

    Now, my TSH is at 10. So it did increase. However, I feel normal. My other hormones have stabilized, and at least I can think again. The hair loss hasn't stopped, and probably never will.

    I want to sue the medical establishment! But be careful. Thyroid medications cause hair loss, so only treat it if you really feel the symptoms.
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    Thanks for sharing ur experience! I do have some of the symptoms. My hair has been getting a lot thinner and I'm not sure if it's due to hypothyroidism or not. My scalp also hurts at times. Have u tried asking your doctor to switch you to armour thyroid instead of levothyroxine? I think armour thyroid does not have as many side effects.
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    Well I am actually terrified at this point of going back to any thyroid medication. I don't think I ever needed it. Doctors have a habit of over selling medication. I didn't have any hypothyroid symptoms, but my doctor at the time thought it could help me with weight loss. Seriously, I'm thinner alright - in my hair only! Three years ago and I am still dealing with hair that won't grow back. The shedding has diminished, but the gaping holes the medicine left are still there. Taking that medication was the worst decision of my life.
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    It is more manageable than hyperthyroidism ., which is an extremely severe condition that can result in a life threatening thyroid storm...this is the reason why the thyroid gland is preferentially destroyed in hyperthyroidism , so that the person will be hypo in the long run and managed with levothyroxine for the rest of their life.

    The only extreme situation in hypothyroidism is a long llasting hypothyroidism complication that occurs most commony in elderly ....myxedema coma., this is also an emergency as most of the patient with this complication will be uncounscious, severely hypothermic e.t.c . IV injection of levothyroxine is a must here.