I’m back.... it got better and now worse

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    hwy back again diffuse hair thinning all over since I was in early 20’s. now 36. Tried so much stuff its unreal.

    Went to Belgravia centre in London who diagnosed me with female pattern baldness. Recommended a very expensive treatment of minoxidil. I thought it was working at one point. I couldn’t afford the treatment so moved the regaine foam for women. I look back at photos and vids and to be honest. They all look at bad as each other.

    I discovered I had no ferritin storage in my body was less than 4 so sorted that but still no change in my hair even tho that is a huge side effect I really thought at one point I had found out the reason.

    I’ve discovered lately I am lactose intolerant. So trying this to see if there is any difference

    My hair was amazing after having my two kids. So I know it’s able to be nice when it wants to be..... why is this

    Anyone here had an allergy or intolerance because hair loss can be a side effect.

    I’m discontinuing the regaine foam. It’s making my hair dry and not particularly making my hair any thicker. But then again it’s not getting any thinner either hmm one to think about. I might go back if it gets bad.

    Any advice here would be great will upload pics if needed
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