I can look in the mirror again, thanks Jessica!

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    I used to avoid mirrors, I didn't realize how much until I started looking at myself again!

    I bought some super cheap clip in bangs from Jessica Simpson Hairdo. When they arrived I put them in and my daughter said I looked younger. I said "do these look fake". She said not really, but my hair color didn't totally match, so since I am comfortable coloring my own hair, I bought some hair dye that made it an almost perfect match. The next day at work I got a bunch of compliments. People asked if I got my hair done. I had mostly been using toppik with some colored sprays for good measure. I am very thin on the top mainly, I would never be seen without toppik.

    I told the people at work I was trying out some extensions (I like being kinda honest). It's been almost a week, and a very pretty, very critical girl said "I still love the hair!" She definitely doesn't think it looks fake.

    I decided to order the human hair fringe that she Jessica sells for a slightly more natural look, I just hope the color is close!

    I have to tell you I feel so much prettier, and have accepted my hair loss, it's not coming back, I am 40 and have been thinning since my early twenties. I feel liberated now though, pretty. I am not looking for a cure, it's unlikely I will find one that would give me the thick hair I can get with a little topper!

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    Hello ahughes. I live in Orange County also, and mine isn't coming back either. I just wanted to say I could hear the energy in your "voice" and I'm really happy for you that you could make such a small improvement that made such a difference for you. I'd love to know how they attach - is there a website? And where do you get the toppik? i want to try it, I'm blonde with a very pink scalp, and it really shows!
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    Link and video


    Click the link above, I have been really happy with the human hair fringe, it covers all that needs covering. It clips in extremely easily with two clips, and stays put.

    I did have to trim the bangs, and I dyed my hair a little darker to match. Also, when I went to get my haircut, I left the topper in my hair and had my hairdresser cut it to integrate into my own hair.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. There is a video with the link, you should watch it.